MobileMonday: Modern problems in backend engineering

MobileMonday Estonia is going more in depth with backend engineering. Speakers will discuss about problems that can occour at backend side and how they have tackled them.

Date and Venue: 11th of November, 17:45 Spark Demo, Narva maantee 3, Tartu

17:45 - Doors open & registration.

18:00 - Opening Words
18:15 - Moving from monolith to microservices by Joel Kunst, Starship
18:35 - Fixing the microservice monoliths by Asko Tiidumaa, Twilio
18:55 - Practical authentication and authorization for external facing service mesh applications by Siim Kaspar Uustalu, Mooncascade

19:15 - Refreshment break - beer and snacks

19:30 - What happens after acquisition - merging backend systems by Jüri Tarkpea, Fleet Complete
19:50 - The story of Pipedrive engineering - moving from Php monolith to multi-datacenter architecture by Marten Meikop, Pipedrive

20:10- Either a panel with all the speakers... but definitely there will be snacks, drinks & networking :)

The event is free and in English. Registration is mandatory, though: HERE
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