MobileMonday: High performance computing – who needs it

Thank you for the High performance computing meetup! 

This time we’ll cover everything you’ll need to know about high-performance computing. From the view of service providers, specialists who interpret the data and use it daily as well as the end users who get the benefits. 

Time: 5th of October at 6 PM-9PM

Place: Narva mnt 3, Tartu, SPARK Demo

The aim of this meet-up is to give insight of:  

"How do you store and process hundreds of terabytes of data?" Ott Oopkaup is Systems Administrator at University of Tartu High Performance Computing Centre. High Performance Computing centers around the world solve these problems daily - from optimizing calculation runtimes to batch processing of thousands of datasets simultaneously. Here is an introduction into the process of integrating and managing data, services and computing on large scales efficiently.  

"Python Data Processing with Dask: from Laptop to Cluster" Asko Seeba, Mooncascade OÜ. Dask is a rather young and rapidly evolving platform that will help you to parallelize your data processing across a cluster of computer nodes. The design logic and structure looks really nice and easy to grasp for a python-experienced data scientist as it is built on top of familiar NumPy and Pandas frameworks and is easily blendable with sklearn for machine learning. But also people with experience with Hadoop MapReduce, Apache Spark or TensorFlow will recognize familiar concepts of lazy distributed execution of directed acyclic task graphs. We are going to look into some of the concepts on how the Dask is built up, so you’d feel more encouraged to try it out yourself after the event 

"How to sell the data that comes out as a practical sellable resource" Silver Traat, Texta OÜ, has more than 10 years of experience in leading applied research projects and for the past 4 years he has been leading TEXTA OÜ, which is one of the leading text analytics companies in Estonia. Since founding they have carried out more than 30 text analytics projects and their flagship product TEXTA Toolkit is the first AI software that has been added to the Estonian state code repository.  During the presentation Silver will give an overview of how text can be turned into value for companies. 

And of course there will be snacks, drinks & networking :)  

The event is free and in English. Registration is mandatory, though:REGISTER HERE

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