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Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Thanks for another great event!

The event last week was the best so far - thank you for that!

We had nearly 100 of you on our very mobile Monday and a row of prominent speakers covering extremely interesting topics. The open panel discussion was very active as usual and the demos had an interested audience.

We would like to give our special thanks to our speakers:

  • Director & Head of Multimedia Sales of Ericsson, Joachim Bergman started with the overall view and description of different problems in the mobile media area - how different players in the field have different views on the subject matter although they "share the same bed". He drew out the outlines of the mobile media business, counterparts and the logic of this business. He also described the difficulties of this emerging market related to the media rights costs, the size of the current market and the miscommunication between parties. The talk was a great introduction for the people who had never peaked into the mobile media sector, giving a very good overview.

  • Head of Data Communication and Content Services' Group from EMT, Ando Meentalo gave an operator's view on the subject matter. He began his talk by giving out two Nokia phones, both running live mobile TV on them - if I'm not mistaken it was the MTV's The Real World show. Both phones were running on different technologies, one showing DVB-H broadcast TV and the other streaming TV over a 3.5G network. To my surprise the quality was just amazing, I could even read the Estonian subtitles on the phone screens. The talk was also interesting giving a lot of new information about the mobile media sector in Estonia.

  • IT Manager of Delfi, Mait Tafenau gave us a presentation of Delfis' brand new mobile platform, basically two new mobile platforms, one for iPhone like mobile devices and one for older mobile phones at This was the first public presentation of the platform, short and to the point and again, audience had the possibility to try out the portals on different devices from an iPhone to a Sony Playstation Portable.

  • The Open Panel Discussion featured this time: Andres Jõesaar - the Head of Corporate Sales and Content Services at Tele2, Jaanus Lillenberg - the Head of Development and Marketing at Postimees, Jouko Vierumäki - the CEO of Fromdistance, and Joachim Bergman the speaker from Ericsson. The discussion was lead by Priit Salumaa - one of the Founders of MoMo Estonia. The Discussion again emphasized the different view of mobile operators, media companies, hardware providers and application development companies. The discussion was both heated and involved between the audience and panelists, covering among other things different failures and success stories.

  • After the presentations and the open panel discussion Ericsson had two demos going on: MeOnTV and MSDP. The MeOnTV was quite a remarkable system to handle and present different TV streams on mobile phones and other devices, and MSDP was a very powerful tool to build and maintain mobile portals.

The informal part of the event was very relaxed with networking between the attendees. We have to thank our very kind sponsor Ericsson for the wonderful variety of snacks and beverages.
This was surely our best MoMo Estonia event so far, with some engaging discussions and interesting presentations on an interesting and novel topic - thankyou to all attendees!

As always, you can check out photos from the event on our Flickr stream.

Presentation: The Operator's View (Ando Meentalo, Head of Data Communication and Content Services Group, EMT)

EMT Slides

Presentation: Delfi's Mobile Portals (Mait Tafenau, IT Manager, Delfi)

Delfi Slides

Aura Capital invests in Fromdistance

Fromdistance, juhtiv seadmehalduse tarkvara arendaja, teatab Aura Capital'i investeeringust firmasse. Investeering aitab Fromdistance'l laiendada oma äri Euroopa, Lähis-Ida ning valitud Aasia ja Aafrika turgudele.

Alates 2004. aastast on Fromdistance arendanud seadmehalduse tarkvara Fromdistance MDM, mida pakutakse ja müüakse turva- ja hinnateadlikele firmadele. Turundus toimub läbi müügikanalite võrgustiku, mis koosneb süsteemiintegraatoritest, IT-teenuse pakkujatest ja edasimüüjatest. Fromdistance MDM on loonud madala omahinna ja lihtsa kasutatavusega uue taseme ettevõtete mobiilseadmete halduses. Peamiselt pakub Fromdistance MDM võimalust koguda suurt valikut seadmekohast infot ning kasutada parimaid vahendeid veaanalüüsiks ja lõppkasutajate toeks.

"Fromdistance on vaieldamatult mobiilseadmete halduse esireas," ütleb Ari Siponmaa, Aura Capital'i tegevjuht. "Ettevõte on olnud võimeline tajuma turu arengusuundi ning looma eduka äri, ühendades tehnilised oskused kasutajatest lähtuva innovaatilisusega," jätkab ta. Jouko Vierumäki, Fromdistance tegevjuht ja asutaja, on rahul saades Aura Capital'i investoriks ning vaatab koos uue partneriga julgelt tulevikku. "Aura Capital veenis meid oma analüüsivõime ja positiivsete tulemustega. Samuti jagavad nad meie turunägemust," ütleb Vierumäki, ning jätkab: "Investeering võimaldab meil jätkuvalt tugevdada tootearendust ning erinevate müügikanalite tuge."

Petri Salonen, Aura Capital'i partner, on nimetatud AS Fromdistance nõukogu liikmeks.

Täiendav informatsiooni investeeringu kohta saab Jouko Vierumäkilt, AS Fromdistance tegevjuht,, +372 5292672.

Fromdistance on Eesti tarkvarafirma, mis on spetsialiseerunud äriotstarbeliste mobiilirakenduste arendamisele. Ettevõtte peamiseks tooteks on Fromdistance MDM, firmadele mõeldud laiapõhjaline pakett mobiilseadmete haldamiseks.

Aura Capital
1997. aastal loodud Aura Capital on üks vähestest erakapitalil põhinevatest investeerimisfirmadest Soomes. Aura Capital investeerib peamiselt uutesse erakordsete kasvuvõimaluste ning intellektuaalse pagasiga firmadesse. Seetõttu on nende investeeringud tihti seotud selliste aladega nagu tarkvara, mobiiltehnoloogia,
bio- ja nanotehnoloogia.

Fromdistance, a leading device management software vendor, announces Aura Capital’s investment in the company. This investment helps Fromdistance to expand its business operations in Europe, The Middle East, and through selected markets in Asia and Africa.

Since 2004, Fromdistance has developed device management products, featuring Fromdistance MDM which is marketed and sold to security and cost-conscious organisations. Distribution is handled by way of a reseller network comprising of system integrators, IT service providers, and value-added resellers. The Fromdistance MDM product is not only cost-efficient to deploy, but easy to use. Fromdistance MDM has set new standards in enterprise mobile device management. In particular, Fromdistance MDM offers an industry leading array of features and superior tools for end user support and troubleshooting.
"Fromdistance has been a sovereign pioneer in mobile device management", says Ari Siponmaa, Managing Partner of Aura Capital. "The company has been able to sense trends and develop business by combining technical excellence with customer-driven innovation." Jouko Vierumäki, CEO and founder of Fromdistance, is pleased to have Aura Capital as an investor in Fromdistance and is looking forward to the future with this new partnership. Jouko Vierumäki says, "Aura Capital convinced us with their diligence and track record; they also share our vision of the market." CEO Jouko Vierumäki continues, "The investment allows Fromdistance to further strengthen our product development and channel support."
Mr. Petri Salonen, a Partner of Aura Capital, will become a member of the supervisory board of Fromdistance.

For further information on the investment, contact Jouko Vierumäki, CEO of Fromdistance,, +372 5292672.

Information on Fromdistance
Fromdistance is an Estonian software company specialised in challenging mobile applications for business use. The flagship product of Fromdistance is Fromdistance MDM, a comprehensive suite for device management for enterprises.

Information on Aura Capital
Founded 1997, Aura Capital is one of the few private venture capital firms in Finland. Aura Capital principally invests in start-up and early-stage companies with exceptional intellectual property and growth potential and hence the investments typically fall in areas such as software, mobile technology, biotechnology and nanotechnology.

Monday, 8 September 2008

'Media Goes Mobile' - on September 8th, 18:00, our next Tallinn Event

Tulemas on järgmine Mobile Monday! Toimub see esmaspäeval 8.septembril kell 18:00 Reval Hotell Olümpia Konverentsikeskuses

Selle ürituse teemaks on 'Media Goes Mobile' ning lisaks prominentsetele esinejatele on meil kavas ka demod ning avatud vestlusring.


  • "Mobile Operators and Media companies - same bed, different realities" - Joachim Bergman, Ericsson, Head of Sales Multimedia.
    Hr. Bergman annab ülevaata, kuidas Ericsson saab toetada mobiilse meedia valdkonda - nii meedia kopmaniisid kui mobiilioperaatoreid, andes seejuures ülevaate autoriõiguste kulude osas ning tutvustades pakutava sisu komponeerimise problemaatikat - kuidas see mobiilplatformil traditsioonilises mõttes ei toimi.
    Tema esitlus sisaldab ka kahte demot: MSDP and MeonTV. Demonstratsiooni assisteerivad Kalle Eneroth (Customer Project Manager, Ericsson) ning Mattias Tamm (Editorial Content Manager, Ericsson).

  • "The Operators´ View" - Ando Meentalo - Head of Data Communication and Content Services´ Group, EMT

  • "Delfi mobile interfaces" - Mait Tafenau - IT Manager, Delfi

  • Avatud vestlusring "Media on Mobile, Current and Future" - Joachim Bergman (Ericsson), Mait Tafenau (Delfi), Andres Jõesaar - (Head of Corporate Sales and Content Services, Tele2), Jaanus Lillenberg - (Head of Development and Marketing, Postimees), Jouko Vierumäki - CEO (Fromdistance), vestluse juht: Priit Salumaa (MoMo Estonia)

Ka seekordset üritust on toetamas Ericsson ning pakuvad jällegi meeldiva valiku söökidest ja jookidest. Me oleksime teile väga tänulikud kui te registreeruksite, et osalejate arvuga paremini arvestada.

Reval Hotel Olümpia
Liivalaia 33, 10118 Tallinn, Estonia
Juhised hotelli kodulehel
Kaart on selle postituse alaosas.

Our next Mobile Monday event is coming, at 18:00 on Monday September 8th! in Reval Hotel Olümpia

We'll be covering the topic 'Media Goes Mobile' with a range of prominent talks, demos and a panel.


  • "Mobile Operators and Media companies - same bed, different realities" - Joachim Bergman, Ericsson, Head of Sales Multimedia.
    He's giving an overview how Ericsson can assist in Mobile Media - some insights into media rights costs (substantial costs). Content aggregation in the traditional sense will not work - internet has proven this, as well as music. How does Ericsson add value and where. The presentation includes two demos: MSDP and MeonTV. Demos are assisted by Kalle Eneroth (Customer Project Manager at Ericsson) and Mattias Tamm (Editorial Content Manager at Ericsson).

  • "The Operators´ View" - Ando Meentalo - Head of Data Communication and Content Services´ Group, EMT

  • "Delfi mobile interfaces" - Mait Tafenau - IT Manager, Delfi

  • Open Panel Discussion "Media on Mobile, Current and Future" - Joachim Bergman (Ericsson), Mait Tafenau (Delfi), Andres Jõesaar - (Head of Corporate Sales and Content Services, Tele2), Jaanus Lillenberg - (Head of Development and Marketing, Postimees), Jouko Vierumäki - CEO (Fromdistance), panel chair: Priit Salumaa (MoMo Estonia)

Ericsson are again sponsoring and will be providing another lush selection of food and drink for your enjoyment; we'd appreciate if you registered here to help us count numbers.

Reval Hotel Olümpia
Liivalaia 33, 10118 Tallinn, Estonia
Directions on hotel's web-page

Map / Kaart

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