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Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Mobi: Fortumo

Tartu ettevõtte Mobi Solutionsi loodud mobiiliteenuste isetegemise portaal Igaühe M-äri laienes käesolevast nädalast Soome, Rootsi, Taani ja Norra turule, teatas ettevõte.

Skandinaavias käivitati portaal uue kaubamärgi all.

"Fortumo laseb igaühel teha mobiiliteenuse viie minutiga ja ilma erioskusi vajamata" ütles Mobi partner Rain Rannu. "Nüüd on sama võimalus ka ettevõtetel, kes tegutsevad Soomes, Rootsis, Norras või Taanis".

Eestis töötab Igaühe M-äri alates 2002. aastast. 2007. aasta kevadel käivitati teenus Lätis ja Leedus.

Teenusega on jaanuari lõpu seisuga liitunud ligi 2500 Eesti, Läti ja Leedu teenusepakkujat, kes on loonud üle 6000 SMS-teenuse. Igaühe M-äri kaudu on saadetud üle 500 000 lühisõnumi.

"Tüüpiline Fortumo kasutaja on internetiettevõtja, nii väike kui suur, kellel on oma veebileht või portaal ja kes soovib lehe kaudu SMS-teenuseid pakkuda" ütles Fortumo turundusjuht Martin Koppel. "Kasutajate seas on nii tuntud portaale kui ka väikesi ühe või kahe koolipoisi poolt hallatavaid veebilehti".

Fortumoga liitumine on tasuta. Teenusepakkuja teenib iga tema tehtud teenusele saadetud sõnumi pealt sõltuvalt riigist 40-60% tulu.

Fortumoga saab liituda aadressil

"Teenuse avamine Skandinaavias on hea uudis eestlaste jaoks, kuna nüüd saavad Skandinaavias tegutsevad Eesti firmad SMS-i teel raha võtta ka seal" lisaks Koppel. Eeltöö käib Koppeli sõnul Fortumo teenuste avamiseks ka teistes Euroopa riikides.

Fortumo võimaldab ilma tehniliste oskusteta luua kolme tüüpi SMS-teenust: infosõnum, SMS kampaania ja SMS-chat veebilehele. Lisaks on veebilehe omanikul võimalik programmeerida oma SMS-teenus ja Fortumo abil selle kasutamise pealt tulu teenida.

Mobi Solutions OÜ ( on 2001. aastal Tartus asutatud ettevõtetele, avaliku sektori organisatsioonidele ja eraisikutele mobiiliteenuseid pakkuv ettevõte. Firmal on tütarettevõtted Lätis ja Leedus ning firma käive 2006. aastal oli 13,7 miljonit krooni.

Fortumo makes earning revenue through SMS easy and free

Fortumo's free SMS-service creation portal, launched last week, enables anyone to create their own mobile service and earn revenue from usage.

Fortumo enables everyone to create their own sms service within 5 minutes without having to have any technical skills, says Rain Rannu, CEO of Fortumo. "Creating a mobile service should not be more difficult than making a blog or a homepage."

" is a great service for small and medium-sized web-portals and other businesses to earn extra revenue online" says Michael Nisell Ericsson IPX NOBA Sales Manager , "We see a lot of potential from co-operation".

Typical Fortumo's user is an internet entrepreneur who has a web page or a portal and who wishes to provide sms based services via web page, says Head of Marketing Martin Koppel. Fortumo's clients are well know portals but also small businesses with only few people.

At the moment it is possible to create six types of services: sms-info, sms-campaign, sms- chat, Pay for video, sms-chat for Facebook are targeted at users without any techical skills, while Premium SMS-connectivity enables experienced service providers to benefit from more countries, flexible user interface and competitive revenue sharing.

Fortumo is available at and it do not have any startup or monthly fee.

Fortumo enables to create SMS-services in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Company is preparing to launch the service in several other European and Asian countries early next year. is offered by Fortumo Ltd. Parent company of Fortumo, Mobi Solutions Ltd is the leading value-added mobile services provider in the Baltics, giving Fortumo a clear vision and strong knowledge on bringing new mobile services to market.

Monday, 22 October 2007

Playtech’s Multi-Million Dollar Progressive Jackpot is Available on Mobile

Playtech (AIM: PTEC), the designer, developer and licensor of software to the international online, mobile and land-based gaming industry announces that it has recently launched the popular Gold Rally progressive jackpot on its mobile platform, allowing players the chance to win multi-million Gold Rally jackpots on their mobile. is a portal designed to broaden the appeal of Playtech’s hit progressive jackpot games like Gold Rally, a very popular progressive 8-line Wild West themed slot game featuring two interactive bonus stages. The link to Playtech’s mobile product gives players the chance to win progressive jackpots in the multi-million dollar range while playing on their mobiles.

Playtech's mobile product supports a huge variety of handsets ranging from entry-level mass market models to high-end smartphones and has been created to quickly facilitate support for future handset devices. The mobile product features advanced technology that successfully duplicates the feeling of computer gameplay to the mobile device offering a complete mobile player experience without having to access a PC including an in-game signup option and a wireless Cashier supporting the most popular deposit and withdrawal methods. The player experience is optimized through a user-friendly interface that utilizes the most up to date graphic and audio technologies including real sound effects. Playtech's development policy has created a fully branded mobile product that successfully transports a casino's look and feel onto the mobile handset.

The mobile product has already been released to a number of Playtech licensees and was initially launched with a selection of the most successful and popular Playtech games including Blackjack, Roulette, video slots as well as video pokers. In line with its high game integration rate policy which allows for the quick merging of new game additions into the mobile product, Playtech devotes significant resources to its mobile games development capabilities.

Mor Weizer Playtech CEO commented: “We are very pleased with the mobile link to the progressive network. This connection greatly enhances our mobile products appeal as the ability to offer multi-million dollar jackpots on a mobile device is a highly attractive incentive for any operator.”

More on Playtech
Playtech develops unified software platforms for the gaming industry, primarily targeting existing online operators wanting to upgrade their system; sportsbooks looking to diversify and land-based operators making their server based gaming and online debut. Playtech gaming applications — online casino, poker, bingo, mobile gaming, live gaming, land-based kiosk networks and fixed-odds games — are fully intercompatible and can be freely incorporated as stand-alone applications. All gaming platforms can be accessed and funded by players through the same user account and managed by the operator by means of a single powerful management interface through Playtech’s advanced cross-platform technology. Founded in 1999, Playtech has over 550 personnel distributed globally, around eighty percent of whom are engaged in research and development of current and future gaming technologies.

The Playtech mobile casino software was developed in Estonia.

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