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Monday, 22 January 2018

MobileMonday meets TechChill: Founder Stories - Baltics on The Rise

In collaboration with TechChill, the coolest tech event in the Baltics that brings together founders, entrepreneurs, challengers and curious minds, MobileMonday Estonia kicks off the new year with an amazing event devoted to Founder Stories at the Tartu office of Mooncascade, the leading product development company in the region.

We´ll focus on the experiences and insights that make the core of startup success and failure. Speakers will share personal stories on growth, ambition, passion and ideas.

Time: Monday, January 22 at 6 PM - 9:30 PM

Place: Narva mnt. 9, Tartu. SPARK building, Mooncascade offices.

On stage: 

- Sandis Kondrats, Co-founder and CEO at Anatomy Next, a medical technology company based in both: Riga, Latvia & Seattle, WA, USA. 

- Lauri Kinkar, CEO at Messente Communications Ltd. and Co-owner at Mobi Solutions, the leading SMS-gateway provider in the Baltic states. 

- Rauno Rüngas, Co-founder and CEO at Qminder - a customer service and a queue management system replacing sign-in sheets and take-a-number systems with an iPad based solution to queue visitors up by name.

And of course there will be snacks, drinks & networking :)

The event is free and in English. Register here!

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