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Friday, 31 December 2010

Photos of MoMo Baltics Event in Riga


You can check out the pictures on our Flickr stream.

MoMo Baltics in Riga

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Summary and slides: Nokia Qt Training powered by MobileMonday Baltics in Riga

It was a very pleasant two days last week in Riga. I hope you all enjoyed that as much as we did organizing it.

We had more than 100 participants what was a pleasant surprise about the interest and relevance of the event.

It was great to see Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian developers side by side coding and hacking on mobile apps. Thank you all for attending and making it such a success.

In the evening of 8th we also had a MoMo Baltics event where we had one presenter from each of the three Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) and also presenters from the fourth Baltic state (Finland). We also had Biometry from Switzerland presenting to add some foreign flavor to the mix.

The slides:

You can find Mikael Stendahls' slides on Nokia blogs. But we'll embed it also here:

Priit Salumaa from MoMo Estonia was presenting the local mobile and startup scene:

Algridas Stonys from Lithuania was talking how to create a successful mobile appstore app:

Juris Kaza from Latvia, did not have slides (as usual).

And Werner Blessing from Switzerland talked about the future of biometric authentication on mobile:

Fortumo cracks open the (Angry Birds) Piggy Bank to let Android devs offer carrier billing via SMS

Fortumo HAS DONE IT! Fortumo powers the in-game payment model for Angry Birds on Android which lets users either remove the ad on the free version of the game or buy the Mighty Eagle update that’s on its way.

You can read about it on Techcrunch Europe and Martin Koppel's (CEO of Fortumo) video interview on Arcticstartup Blog

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Nokia Qt Training powered by MobileMonday Baltics in Riga, 8.-9. December 2010

Nokia is having hard times? Developing for Nokia is old-school? It is complex? Think again! MobileMonday Estonia, MobileMonday Lithuania and Nokia is proud to bring you Nokia QT training days for developers all around the region in Riga, Latvia, 8-9. December 2010.

Two days of professional coaching, teaching, mentoring from a Nokia certified trainer and presentations from already well positioned mobile application developers and companies! If you're not a developer then this is an amazing opportunity to meet up for networking as MobileMonday event is held on the 8th of the December at the venue to relax a bit between the training days! The exact event schedule is to be confirmed - stay tuned!

Mainly hands-on-training is welcoming developers, either energetic juniors or professional seniors – everyone is welcomed to see, find out and try how it is to create mobile applications for Nokia mobile platform. The purpose of the course is to provide a quick start for creating and publishing Qt applications for mobile devices, especially for the N8 and other Symbian devices.

The course starts from the Qt basics and covers all the practicalities that make mobile Qt application development so convenient. Participants will gain insight on how concretely work with Qt projects on the Nokia Qt SDK for multiple platforms. Course also introduces the new Qt Mobility APIs and a set of approaches for porting existing mobile applications (Symbian, Android, iPhone) for Qt is provided. Also, we will take a look at QtQuick, the new User Interface Creation Kit in Qt.

MobileMonday Baltics Event Programme

Starting 18:00 8th of December, the same venue: Hotel Avalon. Open to everyone!

18:00 - 18:20 "Ovi Store marketing support" - Mikael Stendahl, Services Sales Manager, Nokia
18:20 - 18:40 "Mobile - ID, Multimodal Biometrics with OTP for Futuristic Applications", Werner Blessing, CEO, AG
18:40 - 18:55 "Mobile in Estonia - What's up?" - Priit Salumaa, MoMo Estonia, Founder

18:55 - 19:15 Refreshment break

19:15 - 19:30 "Will the Baltics "app" their way onto the global stage?", Juris Kaza, a well known Latvian journalist
19:30 - 19:45 "How to make successfull app on Ovi" Algirdas Stonys, CEO, TeleSoftas
19:45 - 20:15 Open panel discussion: "App-Wars - Clash of the Titans"

20:15 - ... Networking and drinks as usual

Check out the registration for the MoMo event and training below.

Organizational Q&A:

What and when?
   Nokia QT training and MobileMonday, Riga, Latvia, 8-9. December, 2010.

How to get to Riga?
   Free shuttle busses will be provided from Tallinn (Estonia) and Vilnius (Lithuania) to Riga (and back).

Free shuttle bus: Tallinn-Riga-Tallinn (Company: Hansabuss)
Departure to Riga: 8th of Dec, 06:55 sharp, at Mere puiestee 5 (Russian Culture Center), Tallinn, Estonia
Return to Tallinn: 9th of Dec, 17:00, at Hotel Avalon, 70-72 Kalēju iela, Rīga 1050, Latvija

Free shuttle bus: Vilnius-Riga-Vilnius
Departure to Riga: 8th of Dec, 06:30 at ”Verslo uostas”, Lvovo st. 25, Vilnius, Lithuania
Return to Vilnius: 9th of Dec, 17:00, at Hotel Avalon, 70-72 Kalēju iela, Rīga 1050, Latvija

The venue?
   Hotel Avalon, Riga. Find on OVI maps

Place to stay?
   Hotel Avalon (70-72 Kalēju iela, Rīga 1050, Latvija). They will give us special prices for accommodation which is 48/EUR for single room/night and 54/EUR for double room/night. Everyone can make the reservation by contacting the hotel and saying NOKIA which is the secret word for getting discount.

More exact course info and plan?
   Course information updated daily at Forum Nokia

Do I need to pre-register?
   For the QT Training REGISTRATION CLOSED. But you can still register for the MoMo evening event:
   For the MoMo event on the evening of the 8th of December in the same venue HERE

How much does it cost?
   The training, transportation and MobileMonday event is free of charge. Participants have to pay for their own overnight at Riga. You can either stay at venue Hotel Avalon or find a suitable place around – there are many in walking distance from the venue.

Reserve the dates 8-9. December 2010 for Riga and stay tuned at or

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Check out the updated info for the MoMo Baltics event

Check out the updated program and info for the MoMo Baltics event and Nokia QT training in Riga

We have updated the bus-transfer info and the MoMo evening event programme:

Starting 18:00 8th of December, the same venue: Hotel Avalon. Open to everyone!

18:00 - 18:20 "Ovi Store marketing support" - Mikael Stendahl, Services Sales Manager, Nokia
18:20 - 18:40 "Mobile - ID, Multimodal Biometrics with OTP for Futuristic Applications", Werner Blessing, CEO, AG
18:40 - 18:55 "Mobile in Estonia - What's up?" - Priit Salumaa, MoMo Estonia, Founder

18:55 - 19:15 Refreshment break

19:15 - 19:30 "Will the Baltics "app" their way onto the global stage?", Juris Kaza, a well known Latvian journalist
19:30 - 19:45 "How to make successfull app on Ovi" Algirdas Stonys, CEO, TeleSoftas
19:45 - 20:15 Open panel discussion: "App-Wars - Clash of the Titans"

20:15 - ... Networking and drinks as usual

Check out the registration and other info on the event page.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Follow-up of the Mobile Monday 10 Year Anniversary Summit and Peer Awards

Helsinki/Tallinn, 27-29 September 2010
Celebrating 10 years of community, collaboration and innovation.

We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in the MobileMonday Summit 2010! We have been so happy to go through all the positive feedback we have received about the event and the importance of MobileMonday as a global network-creator between people in different roles in the mobile ecosystem.

Here's a wide array of professional pictures from the Summit. Feel free to use, share and just enjoy.

Here you will find our official press release about the Summit:

Media visibility

The Summit and companies visited and met during it have been widely visible in the international media - here are a few picks: 

About MobileMonday and the Summit:

Chip Chick (Technology and Gadgets from a girl's perspective: MobileMonday Summit 2010 Brings Together Global Mobile Innovators:

The Estonian Television's morning show clip on the MoMo Summit (starts at minute 102):

The Next Web / Matt Brian: MobileMonday: The worldwide mobile community you've probably never heard about:

DIDX Podcasts: An Interview with Jari Tammisto, CEO of MobileMonday:

Impressions and summary of the Summit by MoMo Dusseldorf:

POISK / Anna Shatalova writes about the Summit (in Russian), emphasis on the Tallinn program:

The biggest Estonian computer journal Arvutimaailm writes about the Summit (in Estonian):

Il Sole 24 Ore, an Italian news service writes about the Summit (in Italian): App e globalizzazione: a Helsinki il futuro del mobile secondo Nokia:

About the Peer Awards:

RCR Wireless: MobileMonday names awards finalists at 10-year event:

RCR Unplugged: Israeli firm Ringbow wins MoMo Peer Awards:

Daily Monitor writes about Mr Nyika / Xrystalgenius winning the MoMo Peer Award on Base of the Pyramid:

Strathmore University in Nairobi / Kenia writes about Alex Nyika / Xrustalgenius winning the MoMo Peer Award on Base of the Pyramid:

Tietokone: Mobiiliyrityksiä palkittiin Helsingissä - an article in Finnish about the Peer Awards 2010:

Digitoday: Sormushiiri voitti mobiiliyrittäjien missikisat - an article in Finnish about the Peer Awards 2010 and Ringbow:

About companies visited and met during the Summit:

RCR Unplugged: An encounter with Angry Birds - live from Rovio HQ:

The Next Web Mobile: Angry Birds Beta Hits One Million Android Downloads:

ChipChick: Rovio's Angry Birds Beta for Android  Hits 1 Million Downloads:

Telecom TV: Where does Skype go from here?

ChipChick: Inside Skype HQ in Tallinn, Estonia:

RCR Unplugged: Skype and Facebook working on deep integration:

RCR Wireless writes on mobile malware as presented by F-Secure at the Summit:

About key notes made at the Summit:

RCR Wireless writes about Jeff Stern's (Amdocs) key note at the Summit:

Tietoviikko: Raju valoi Nokia-uskoa kehittäjiin - an article in Finnish on Nokia's key note at the Summit (in Finnish) with a video of Srikanth Raju's (Nokia) presentation:

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Join for the Top Matchmaking Event in the Nordics! MoneyTalks® Forum presents Monetizing Mobility featuring Nokia. Join for the Top Matchmaking Event in the Nordics! November 11 & 12, 2010 at Technopolis Innopoli 2 in Espoo, Finland.

Efficient: A two-day efficient business and fundraising matchmaking event where high-tech start-ups, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, corporations and financiers with an interest in cutting edge mobile technologies meeting in one place.

Matchmaking: Here is a place where you can find new companies to invest in! Here is where you can present your business ideas to investors and corporate business development decision makers! Here is a place where the focus is on the essential: transactions! Here is where Finnish and international high-tech companies meet and get business done.

Visibility: Raises the profile of Finland's as the #1 hub in the communications sector.

Networking: Provides new contacts and networking possibilities.

When & Where: November 11 & 12, 2010 at Technopolis Innopoli 2 in Espoo, Finland

Register now before October 22th and get the Early Bird fee!

Learn more! Visit our website at or contact Riikka Torpo by email at riikka.torpo (at) or phone +350 46 7120267.

To download the event brochure click here.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Estonia Ranks 5th on Mobile Broad Band Quality

E24 Estonia writes that Estonia ranks 5th in the world according to mobile Broadband Quality Score (BQS).

BQS is an index measuring connection quality. It calculates upon network parameters but number of network users as well.

The study incorporated 40 million tests in the testing environment in 72 countries 239 cities and rural regions.

The quality indeks is composed as following: 55% download speed, 23% upload speed, and 22% the network latency.

Read more in Estonian:

Thursday, 14 October 2010

MoMo Desert Safari Invitation

There will be a next global meet-up of MoMoers in Dubai.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Sten Tamkivi's interview during the MoMo Summit

Sten Tamkivi General Manager of Skype Estonia gave an interview for Telecom TV

You can see the video interview here: TelecomTV Europe Report: where does Skype go from here?

Windows Phone 7 developers: Eneta community night

Microsoft will release a new mobile Windows Phone 7 platform in October. There will be an Eneta community night to bring you the latest news on the platform.

Place and time:
13. Oct, Wednesday 18:00 - 19:30
IT College, Raja 4c, room 316 + Live Meeting
Presenters: Jevgeni Tsaikin, Axinom Eesti

Developers and interested people on the platform are awaited. See more at eneta.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Summit Slides from the Tallinn Seminar Program on 29th of Sept

Oleme üles laadinud ka osa summit'i slaide slaidshare'i.

Friday, 1 October 2010

MoMo Summit Photos

Tegime ka portsu pilte.

Seekord oli MoMo Estonia fotograafiks Sven Kirsimäe ja Indrek Petersoo, pildid Flickr'is

Mobile Monday Summit 2010: Day 1

We also took photos the whole summit

This time Sven Kirsimäe and Indrek Petersoo were taking the pictures. See the pics on Flickr

Mobile Monday Summit 2010: Day 1

Thursday, 30 September 2010

Estonia on the Verge of First Elections wih Mobile-ID

One of the biggest computer journals in Estonia writes that Estonia might have its first Mobile-ID supported elections soon

Namely, to vote via cell phone on elections, you need a Mobile-ID. Today Estonian government approved the investments on the project to create governmental system for issuing Mobile-ID's. Thus there shouldn't be any barriers to create m-ID for the next elections.

Mobile-ID as a technology has been used for banking and other services since 2007, but it was not government approved to use it for e-elections which support until this day only ID-Card solutions.

Read more (in Estonian) at

MobileMonday Global Summit 2010 tõi Tallinnasse osalejad 37 riigist

27.- 29. septembrini Helsingis ja Tallinnas toimunud MobileMonday Global Summitit külastas kolme päeva jooksul kokku enam kui 470 inimest. Kolmapäevasest Tallinna programmist võtsid osa külalised 37 riigist.

Tallinna programm pakkus ettekandeid mitmetelt rahvusvahelistelt ja kohalikelt suurfirmadelt nagu Ericsson, EMT, Microsoft, Skype ja Nokia, samuti tutvustasid oma koduriikides laineid löövaid uusi mobiililahendusid MobileMonday piirkondlike kodade esindajad Jaapanist, Pakistanist, Indiast, Keeniast, Ugandast, Iisraelist, Palestiinast, Suurbritanniast, Prantsusmaalt, Saksamaalt, Austriast, Venemaalt, Ukrainast, Bulgaariast, Rumeeniast, Kanadast, Ameerika Ühendriikidest, Brasiiliast jne.

Konverentsil osalenud väliskülalised tutvusid Skype´i Tallinna kontori, Ericssoni tehase, Tehnopoli ja IKT Demokeskusega. Kolmepäevase konverentsi lõpetas Tallinna Linnavalitsuse pidulik vastuvõtt Raekojas.

MobileMonday Global Summiti 2010 korraldaja Priit Salumaa hinnangul võivad Eesti ja Tallinn oma innovaatiliste e-lahenduste ja m-lahenduste üle uhked olla. "Me ise ei aimagi kui kaugel ees on Eesti oma saavutuste poolest paljdest teistest maailma arenenud riikidest. Mahuka ja mitmetahulise konverentsiprogrammi ning ringkäikudega saime avada muidu ehk välisvaatlejatele varjatud Eesti ICT-valdkonna võimekust meie jaoks igapäevaste ja hästi töötavate lahenduste esitlemise näol," ütles Salumaa.

Esmaspäeval, 27. septembri külastas MobileMonday Eesti delegatsioon Helsingit ning tutvus ühe põhjamaade juhtiva infotehnoloogia kõrgkooli Aalto Ülikooliga, selle juures tegutseva idufirmade kasvulava Aalto Venture Garage´i ning vastavatud Eesti Majaga. Eesti delegatsiooni kuulusid esindajad Arengufondist, Tehnopolist, IKT Demokeskusest, Enterprise Estoniast ning samuti mitmetest infotehnoloogia ja telekommunikatsiooniga tihedalt seotud ettevõtetetst nagu Regio, Ericsson, Mobi Solutions, Fortumo, LBS Positium, Nutiteq, Sportlyzer, TaxiPal, Sevana, Indilo Wireless, Yrgel Entertainment jne.

Avapäeva lõpetas MobileMonday 10. sünnipäevale pühendatud koosviibimine ning uute lahenduste võistlus MobileMonday Peer Awards, kus osales ka nutitelefonidele rakendusi pakkuv Eesti ettevõte Indilo Wireless. Bottom of the Pyramid kategoorias pälvis võidu Keenia firma Xrystalgenius lahendus iChecki, mis aitab mobiiltelefoni positsioneerimise abil lahendada kohalikke transpordiprobleeme. Future Potential arvestuses hinnati parimaks Iisraelis välja töötatud lahendus Ringbow, mis võimaldab spetsiaalse sõrmuse abil nutitelefoni puutetundlikul ekraanil hõlpsamalt vajalikke funktsioone kasutada.

Teisipäeval, 28. septembril külastas delegatsioon MobileMonday ametliku programmi raames Soome juhtivat mobiiliettevõtet, milleks olid Nokia, F-Secure ja Rovio.

"Nokia demonstreeris oma uusimaid telefone, F-Secure kui Euroopa suurimaid viirusetõrje tarkvara loojaid aga spetsiaalselt mobiiltelefonide kaitsmiseks mõeldud rakendusi. Hämmastavaks ja meie jaoks julgustavaks võib pidada Rovio edulugu - vaid ühe aasta jooksul on nende poolt loodud mäng Angry Birds muutunud Apple AppStore´i kõige enam allalaaditud mänguks enam kui 7 miljoni tasulise laadimisega," vahendas Salumaa Helsingis nähtut ja kogetut.

Helsingi konverentsiprogramm pakkus samuti mitmeid huvitavaid ettekandeid, Eesti edulugusid vahendasid innovatsiooniguru Linnar Viik ja Ericsson Eesti peadirektor Veiko Sepp. Veel esinesid innovatsiooniekspert Jeffrey Stern, Jessica Colaco, Srikanth Raju, Steven Goh ja mitmed teised oma ala asjatundjad.

MobileMonday on 2000. aastal Helsingis loodud globaalne mobiilisektoris tegutsevate inimeste vabatahtlik ja mittekommertslik kogukond. MobileMonday kohalikud kojad paiknevad enam kui 100 linnas üle kogu maailma. Eestis tegutseb MobileMonday kohalik koda alates 2007. aastast.

"Kümme aastat tagasi ei osanud keegi arvata, et MobileMonday kasvab globaalseks liikumiseks. Algselt oli MobileMonday mõeldud informatiivse kohtumispaigana Helsingis tegutsevatele mobiilirakenduste arendajatele, täna on meil kohalikud kojad kõikidel kontinentidel. MobileMonday aitab kombineerida erinevaid oskusi ja vahendeid ning liidab mobiilside valdkonna helgemaid päid, aidates kaasa mobiilitööstuse igakülgsele arengule rohkem kui eales varem. Uute kodade loomisega aitab MobileMonday oma ala proffidel üle kogu maailma omavahel koostööd teha ning luua ärisuhteid läbi positiivse õhkkonna," ütles MobileMonday asutaja Jari Tammisto.

MobileMonday Global Summit 2010 Eesti partnerid olid Enterprise Estonia, Arengufond, Skype, EMT, Ericsson, Tallinna Linn, Ülemiste City, RadissonBlu Olümpia Hotell ja Estravel.

Lisainfo: /

MobileMonday celebrated 10 years of networking success in Helsinki & Tallinn

Mobile community now covers all continents with 108 chapters

Helsinki, Finland September 30 – The global mobile entrepreneur community MobileMonday celebrated 10 years of collaboration and innovation in Helsinki and Tallinn this week.

The three-day summit gathered close to 500 mobile industry influencers and visionaries for a round of debates and judging competitions.

The 108 chapters cover 37 countries and all continents of the world, reflecting Mobile Monday’s maturity as a global community to network and share the most recent developments and innovations in mobile. Finland and Estonia’s own mobile giants like Nokia, Rovio and Skype were showcased, along with more than a dozen startups.

Mobile experts addressed Japan’s lead in the mobile race, creativity in East Africa using humble SMS services, the urgency of mobile services in Pakistan, and best practices for innovation in Amdocs and Microsoft.

The represented chapters included India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Japan, Israel, Palestine, Kenia, Uganda, Brazil, the United States, Russia, Germany, France and the UK. Three new MobileMonday chapters were officially founded on Monday 27th September, the opening day of the Summit: Karachi / Pakistan, Ahmedabad / India and Kiev / Ukraine.

"Ten years ago, we did not realise that MobileMonday would grow into a global platform.  Initially we started MobileMonday as an informal meet-up for the top mobile innovators in Helsinki. Now the network is global and is present on all continents. MobileMonday is all about combining resources, connecting the brightest minds and pushing the mobile industry further than ever before. By starting new chapters, the MobileMonday platform allows mobile professionals from all over the world to unite and conduct business in a professional as well as fun manner," explains Jari Tammisto, CEO of MobileMonday.

The three-day event included the finale of the highly anticipated MobileMonday Peer Awards 2010 and company visits. Inspiring workshops, keynotes and panels featured industry experts such as Jessica Colaco from Kenia’s iHub, Kei Shimada from Infinita Inc., Shankar Meembat from Nokia, Jeffrey Stern from Amdocs, Christian Lindholm from Fjord, Laura Merling from Alcatel-Lucent, Gabriella Poczo from Skype and Veiko Sepp from Ericsson.

During the company visits, Rovio announced that the Android Beta program of their mobile game Angry Birds recently hit 1 million downloads, with over 100,000 downloads per day on the Android platform.

The annual MobileMonday Peer Award best represents one of the key principles of the community, the peer recognition. Xrystalgenius from Kenya won the Peer Award 2010 in the Base of the Pyramid category with their iChecki schedule reminder Ringbow from Israel won the Peer Award in the Future Potential category with their ring-mouse for touch screen solution.

Global Summits have been held each year since 2005. The 2007 Global Summit was spread across Helsinki and St. Petersburg, and the Global Summit this year was held in Helsinki as well as Tallinn.

The ferry ride itself served as a perfect backdrop for workshops on Internet Payment Exchange, wireless intellectual property, and the future of MobileMonday. The seminar in Estonia concluded with an inspiring address on mobile government services by the CIO of Tallinn in the City Hall!

Priit Salumaa, MoMo Estonia founder added on the summit: "It is an honour to host a truly international event with such a global impact. It is a great opportunity for us to to show what we have achieved in Estonia with only a decade. Our whole ecosystem of successful ICT services has been mostly concealed from a global audience, but today we opened that like magic box of technological wonders."

The event showcased the global thought leadership of the MobileMonday community and also acknowledged Finland’s and Estonia's pioneering role in the mobile race. In the coming years, MobileMonday will be expanding its presence in Asia, Africa and Latin America and will roll out a range of events and research services.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

MoMo Summit's Tallinn Seminar Program on Wednesday

Here also the quick schedule of Tallinn's seminar program during the Summit. The program has very high-profile speakers and is free for attendees :) The registration is closed, but there are some more places for the Tallinn seminar (register anue (ä)

09:00 – 09:05 Priit Salumaa (Estonia), Founder, MoMo Estonia: Welcoming words

09:05 – 09:15 Taavi Kotka (Estonia), President at Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications: Opening words

09:15 – 09:45 Mikael Bäck (Sweden), VP, Product and Portfolio Management, Business Unit Networks, Ericsson: “The Continued Evolution Of Mobile Broadband.”

09:45 – 10:00 Tõnu Grünberg (Estonia), Chief Technology Officer at EMT: The Story of Mobile Parking 2.0

10:00 – 10:30 Vesku Paananen (Finland), MobileMonday Founder and the Business Development Executive of Microsoft: Three Screens – the New Role of Mobility

10:30 – 10:45 Startup pitches (2 Selected MPA finalists and 3 Estonian mobile startups)

10:45 – 11:15 Coffee and refreshment break – startup demo stands / startup pitches / parter stands

11:15 – 11:45 Gabriella Poczo (UK), Director of Mobile Engineering at Skype "Changing the World of Mobile"

11:45 – 12:05 Kei Shimada (Japan), Founder & CEO at Infinita Inc. “Innovation: Why Japan?”

12:05 – 12:25 Rehan Allahwala (Pakistan), Super Technologies Inc.: "Partnering for Results"

12:25 – 12:45 Olli Aurola (Finland), Services Sales Manager, Finland – Baltics, Nokia

12:45 – 13:00 MoMo Founders (20 countries) – short introductory round for the audience before the networking lunch.

13:00 – 14:00 Lunch (buffet)

During the seminar, there will be a Showcase of mobile / MoMo related companies in the lobby. Feel free to visit there to see the demo / contact stands and people behind:

DeviceAnywhere (USA)
PowerKiss (Finland)
Aalto Venture Garage (Finland)
Provence Promotion (France)
Fortumo (Estonia)
Nutiteq (EStonia)
Sportlizer (Estonia)
Regio (Estonia)

In the startup pitches we'll have two winners of Mobile Peer Awards:

Ringbow (Israel)
Xristalgenius (Kenia)

We'll also see two Estonian startups:

Positium LBS

During the later Skype visit the following companies will present their ideas and products:

Going Software
Yrgel Entertainment

Read more about the program on

Friday, 17 September 2010

Counting days for the MobileMonday 2010 Global Summit – already on 27-29th of September!

27. kuni 29. septembrini toimub Helsingis ja Tallinnas MobileMonday Global Summit 2010 pealkirjaga FinEst Mobile Innovation, mis toob Eestisse maailma mobiiliäri koorekihi - visionäärid, arendajad ja sektoris tegutsevate suurfirmade esindajad.

Mobile Monday 10. sünnipäevale pühendatud MobileMonday Global Summit 2010 toob erinevate kodade asutajad ja aktiivseimad liikmed Helsingisse ja Tallinnasse kokku. Oodata on ligi 400 külalist viielt kontinendilt.

Kolmepäevane programm algab esmaspäeval, 27. septembril Helsingis MobileMonday sünnipäevapeoga, mille kulminatsiooniks on MobileMonday Peer Awards Gala ehk maailma kõike innovaatilisemate uute mobiilirakenduste võistluse finaal. Eestit esindab nimetatud võistlusel Indilo Wireless.

Teisipäeval, 28. septembri pärastlõunal jätkub programm Espoos Aalto Venture Garage´is konverentsiga, kus astuvad ettekannetega üles innovatsioonieksperdid Jeffrey Stern USA-st, Jessica Colaco Keeniast, Srikanth Raju Soomest, Christian Lindholm Suurbritanniast ja Steven Goh Singapurist. Eesti IT-valdkonna edulugusid tutvustavad IT Kolledži õppejõud Linnar Viik ning Ericsson Eesti peadirektor Veiko Sepp.

Sama päeva õhtul jätkub üritus Tallinki kruiisilaeval Baltic Princess, kus toimuvad erinevad erialased diskussioonid WipJami ja Ericssoni eestvedamisel.

Kolmapäeva, 29. septembri hommikul algab MobileMonday Global Summiti kolmas päev Tallinnas, RadissonBlu Olümpia Hotelli konverentsikeskuses. Ettekannetega esinevad Mikael Bäck (Ericsson), Tõnu Grünberg (EMT), Gabriella Poczo (Skype), Vesku Paananen (Microsoft) ja mitmed teised tipptasemel esinejad. Päeva lõpetavad ringreisid Skype´i Tallinna esindusse, Tehnopoli, Ericssoni tehasesse, IKT Demokeskusesse ja Ülemiste Citysse ning Tallinna Linnavalitsuse pidulik vastuvõtt Tallinna Raekojas.

Kuna üritusele tung on oodatust suurem, siis soovitame registreerumisega kiirustada! Üritusest ei pea osa võtma täies mahus. Kodumaal tegutsevaid erialaspetsialiste ootame kindlasti külastama Tallinna seminari programmi 29. septembril. Kasuta võimalust tutvumaks mobiiltööstuse valdkonna koorekihiga meie enda pealinnas!

MobileMonday programm on kõikidele osalejatele tasuta, nõutav on eelnev registreerimine aadressil Juhul kui soovite registreeringu tühistada, palume teavitada sellest aadressil Täname!

Üritus toimub inglise keeles.
Täspem info programmi ja asukohtade kohta:

Mobile Monday Estonia tänab kõiki meie partnereid kes aitavad meid Mobile Monday Summit 2010 korraldamises. Täname, et usute meie panusesse ja toetate meie tegevust kogukonna nimel!

On 27-29th of September Helsinki and Tallinn are hosting one of the mobile industry’s highlight events around the region – the MobileMonday Summit 2010: FinEst Mobile Innovation.

Event is dedicated for the 10th of anniversary of MobileMonday and will bring not only the founders of the chapters but also the key players of mobile ecosystem at our doorsteps. All together we expect around 400 visitors, innovators, developer, visionaries, startup representatives and other mobile related active members from 5 different continents all over the world!

The summit starts on Monday 27th in Helskinki with MobileMonday birthday party ending with the highlight event - MobileMonday Peer Awards. The world’s most innovative mobile application will be chosen at that night. Indilo Wireless was chosen to represent Estonia. Good luck, guys!

On Tuesday 28th the program continues at Aalto Venture Garage in Otaniemi Espoo. We gonna hear starspeakers Jeffrey Stern from the USA, Jessica Colaco from Kenia, Srikanth Raju from Finland, Christian Lindholm from GB and Steven Goh from Singapore. Estonians developments in IT will be presented by our own Linnar Viik and Veiko Sepp from Ericsson.

Then we head on to Tallinn on Tallink’s Baltic Princess where we are going to continue with WipJam and Ericsson. We arrive to Tallinn in order to continue the next day!

On Wednesday 29th we start at Tallinn RadissonBlu Olympia Hotel. We will hear Mikael Bäck from Ericsson, Tõnu Grünberg from EMT, Gabriella Poczo from Skype and Vesku Paananen from Microsoft. Be there to see other surprise-guests!

The event is in English and for free! This is also the reason why we still have some seats left! If you cannot attend the full event, see you in Tallinn on 29th! If you work in mobile industry or is interested about this frenzy ecosyste, then this is the highlight event not to miss. As said before – we are having some of the highest profile mobile industry representatives right here at our backyard. Come, listen, network and open your business to new possibilities!

Registration is mandatory at For any cancellations please write to Thank you!
More information about the summit, locations and the program please visit

Mobile Monday Estonia wishes to thank all our partners as for without you the Summit would not have become reality. Thank you for believing to our cause and supporting the mobile community in Estonia!

Monday, 6 September 2010

MobileMonday: "Funding" at Tallinn, Ülemiste City, CityPlatz, 18:00 - the Schedule

This will be the kick-off for the Mobile Monday Summit 2010: "FinEst Mobile Innoavation". The event program on the MobileMonday will handle funding of startups from different perspectives.

In Tallinn we meet at Ülemiste City located at Lõõtsa 6, and please note the parking areas!.

We'll cover the VC view, the incubator / VC investment facilitators' view and the different views of starups on funding: bootstraping, having angel investment or looking for VC investment.

If you are interested in corresponding why's and how's then this event is for you.

We'll also have the Mobile Peer Awards Estonian semifinal whose winner will be presenting at MobileMonday Summit 2010. We also will have video bridge over Skype to Helsinki to the parallel MoMo Helsinki kick-off event.


18:00 Priit Salumaa MoMo Estonia, opening words
18:05 Video bridge to Helsinki
18:15 Heikki Juntti, Technopolis Development Services Fund Raising Team: "What Makes a Business Fundable".
18:40 Heidi Kakko, Estonian Development Fund, The view of Estonian govermental VC fund on funding.

19:00 Refreshment Break

19:15 Tõnis Saag Sportlizer, Founder, Teal Leader on the experience successfully raising VC money.
19:25 Raoul Järvis, TaxiPal, Founder, on bootstrapping and including angel investments.
19:35 Over the Skype from London - Ben Whitaker, Masabi Founder, CEO, about 8 years of bootstrapping and VC negotiations.
20:00 Mobile Peer Awards Estonian semifinals - up to 5 startups, 3min pitches.
20:15 Voting by the audience. (If there should be a tie, the winner is selected by a jury: 4 MoMo organizers, Estonian Development Fund, Technopolis, Ülemiste City.)

20:30 Announcing the winner & networking.

Please register for the event HERE and see you all there!

MobileMonday: "Funding", Ülemiste City, CityPlatz, 18:00

6. septembril toimuvad Tallinnas ja Helsingis MobileMonday Summit 2010 lokaalsed kick-off üritused. Tallinnas kohtume Ülemiste City's ning seekordne MobileMonday on teemaga "Funding".

Ürituse teema on ajendatud Eesti startupi maastiku elavdumisest ning ühest põhiküsimusest, millega põrkuvad kõik alustavad tehnoloogia ettevõtted. Nimelt, kust leida toimimiseks raha. Antud üritus arutabki erinevaid finantseerimise võimalusi läbi näidete.

Lisaks toimub üritusel Mobile Peer Awards'i Eesti poolfinaal (kes tahab kandideerida ühenduge palun

Üritust toetab Ülemiste City ja peaesineja tuleb Helsingist, Technopolisest.

Registreerimine avatakse 30. augustil ning täpsem programm tekib MoMo Estonia veebi uue nädala alguses.

On 6th of September in Tallinn and Helsinki, there will be the local kick-off events for the coming MobileMonday Summit 2010.

We'll meet in Tallinna at Ülemiste City and the events' topic will be: "Funding"

The Estonian startup scene has been showing more signs of vitality than ever before. Thus, the motivation of the topic since every startup has to tackle the question of funding - where to find the money to implement it's ideas and to execute the business plan. Current event will discuss several options through examples.

We'll also have the Mobile Peer Awards Estonian semifinals on the event (candidates please contact

The event is supported by Ülemiste City and the main speaker will come from from Technopolis, Helsinki.

The registration opens on 30th of august and more detailed shedule will be published on MoMo Estonia's web in the beginning of the next week.

Friday, 27 August 2010

MobileMonday Summit 2010: "FinEst Mobile Innovation"

MoMo Estonia and MoMo Helsinki/Global are prepairing for the MobileMonday Summit 2010. It is a three day summit between 27. and 29. of September 2010 celebrating MobileMonday's 10 year anniversary in Helsinki and Tallinn.

About the Summit

The anniversary summit is designed to reach the same goals as MobileMonday everyday networking events in local chapters. That is to foster cooperation and cross-border business development through live networking to share ideas, best practices and trends from local and global markets.

To do all that, the summit will carry on for three days. During these three days we'll have Mobile Peer Awards focusing on developing countries, seminar and workshop programs in Tallinn, Helsinki and on the boat in between. The summit will have a global reach: the founders of MobileMonday chapters all over the world are invited, other international guests and journalists as well.


Why the title "FinEst Mobile Innovation"?

In addition to global aspects of mobile industry MobileMonday has always focused on local and regional level of this field.

The summit mirrors the nature of MobileMonday - it is organized in co-operation of two local chapters Helsinki and Estonia. Both chapters have noticed the following problem.

Finland and Estonia are two very close countries. The people, language, culture and even the climate have much in common, and the distance between the capitals is only about 80km. Nonetheless, there is not much co-operation between the technology sectors and specially mobile industry of both countries.

Finland has been a mobile technology leader in industry for decades already, although there are signs that Finland has "lost its edge" and is now falling back. Estonia, despite having no equivalent to Nokia, has pioneered several innovative services during the last decade, but has never been able to export these services onto the world market on a large scale.

It is obvious hat both countries could only win from co-operation, especially on the field on which MobileMonday focuses – the mobile industry.

MobileMonday sees its mission to boost the co-operation between Finland and Estonia, and being a global grassrootslevel organization of independent chapters it is an ideal platform for the corresponding Finnish and Estonian networks to connect.

The Program

27.09.2010, Helsinki

MobileMonday Peer Awards and MobileMonday 10 years party at Ravintola Kaarle XII ("Kalle"), Kasarmikatu 40, Helsinki

17:00 - 17:15 Opening speeches (Jari Tammisto/MoMo, Risto Siilasmaa/F-Secure)
17:15 - 19:30 Peer Award Pitches, Voting
19:30 - 19:40 Closing speech, awarding the prizes
19:40 - 20:30 Buffet dinner
20:30 - 24:00 Free networking / party

28.09.2010, Helsinki

10:30 – 12:00 Site visits (Nokia headquarters, F-Secure headquarters, Microsoft Oy)

12:30 – 17:00 Lunch and Seminars / Worskops program (Finnish and Estonian sections partly in parallel) in Design Factory or AaltoES Garage, Otaniemi, Espoo


The list of speakers and topics is updated weekly:
Jeffery Stern - On innovation / Amdocs / (confirmed)
Christian Lindholm / Partner and Director, Fjord Helsinki / (to be confirmed)
Tomi T. A. Ahonen (Hong Kong) / (to be confirmed)
Linnar Viik (Estonia) / Member of Board, Estonian IT College / (confirmed)
Veiko Sepp (Estonia) / Ericsson Estonia / (confirmed)
Jessica Colaco & Eric Hersman (Kenia) / co-founders of Ushahidi, iHub / (to be confirmed)
Dr. MadanMohan Rao / TechSparks (India) / (confirmed)
David Logg / Managing Partner, Nordic Region, Gartner / (to be confirmed)

17:45 – Arrival to Länsisatama, Check-in

28.09.2010, Boat: Helsinki-Tallinn

18:30 – 20:15 Tallink departs / Buffet dinner

20:15 – 21:45 Program continues (workshop / panel at conference room)

22:00 – Ferry arrives in Tallinn, Transfer to hotels

23:00 – 1st day after party (entrance to all registered guests)

29.09.2010, Tallinn

09:00 – 13:00 Presentations program (with short coffee and refreshment breaks) at Reval Hotel Olümpia


The list of speakers and topics is updated weekly:
Juhan Parts - Opening words / Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications / (Confirmed)
Gabriella Poczo - Director of Mobile Engineering at Skype / (Confirmed)
Tõnu Grünberg - About the mobile parking platform 2.0 / CTO at EMT / (Confirmed)
Marko Ahtisaari - Modern developments in mobile user interaction design / Nokia / (to be confirmed)
Vesku Paananen / MobileMonday Founder and the Business Development Executive of Microsoft (confirmed)

13:00 – 14:00 Lunch (buffet) and bus transfer

14:00 – 16:15 Site visits in two tracks: Skype / Tehnopol and Ericsson factory / ICT Demo Centre

17:00 - 19:30 The reception at medieval Tallinn Town Hall concluding the MobileMonday Summit 2010

20:00 – Bus transfer to Hotels and Tallinn Port terminal D


In the style of MobileMonday the program is free of charge. The participants have to cover their travel and accommodation costs, though. In addition the registration for the event is required and we stress the following: "Register only, if you really are coming, since the number of attendees is limited and every wasted registration is a great spot taken from others in the community."

The registration is available at:

Follow the discussion on the program

The Summit 2010 has its Facebook page. We encourage you to follow the news on the summit and engage in discussion on the the program and speakers there:

Monday, 14 June 2010

MobileMonday announces its 10 Year Anniversary Summit and Peer Awards

Helsingis ja Tallinnas, 27-29 september 2010,
tähistades 10 aastat kogukonda, koostööd ja innovatsiooni.

MobileMonday, tähistades oma 10. tegutsemisaastat ning koostöövaimu teatab ametlikult, et Helsingi ja Tallinn on kaasvõõrustajad MobileMonday Summit'ile ja Peer Awards'ile mis toimuvad 27-29 september 2010.

Jari Tammisto, MobileMonday CEO ütleb: "Me oleme väga rõõmsad, et saame MobileMonday 2010 Summit'iga olla tagasi Helsingis, et tähistada organisatsiooni 10. aastapäeva ning võõrustada seda koos meie sõsar-kojaga Tallinnas. Eesti oma loova mobiilse keskkonnaga on maailmale tutvustanud mitmeid innovaatilisi teenuseid viimase 10 aasta jooksul - me ei suudaks leida paremat koostööpartnerit aastaks 2010. Samuti on Tallinn vaid kiviviske kaugusel nii, et meile oli loomulik ühendada oma jõud. Me oleme kindlad, et kõik kes sel aastal üritusest osa võtavad, saavad millegi suurepärase osaliseks."

Vaatamata oma tagasihoidlikele juurtele Helsingis aastal 2000 on MobileMonday (tuntud kui MoMo) kasvanud dünaamiliseks globaalseks kogukonnaks 102 kohaliku kojaga rohkem kui 50 riigis, sealhulgas metropolides nagu New York, Tokyo, Mumbai, Shangai, Berliin, Johannesburg ja Buenos Aires.

Juba ainuüksi viimase 12 kuuga on lisandunud 18 uut koda, võõrustatud on pea 1000 üritust, millesse on kaasatud ca 150 000 mobiilivaldkonna spetsialisti üle maailma. Kõik see on organiseeritud sõltumatu ja avatud suhtumisega vabatahtlike kogukonna poolt, kes investeerivad ürituste korraldamisse oma aega, energiat ja loovust, et arendada nende kohalikku MoMo kontseptsiooni, toetades nii rohujuuretasandi innovatsiooni, piirideülest ideedejagamist, äriarendust ja kontaktide loomist.

Tammisto lisab: "Selle aasta teema on "FinEst Mobile Innovation", see toob kokku parima Soome ja Eesti mobiilitööstusest, otse MoMo kogukonna ette. Üritus hõlmab workshop'e, esitlusi ja ettevõtete külastusi nii Helsingis kui Tallinnas. Samuti tõstab summit esile põnevaid uusi arenguid meie kõige uuematest kodadest (Aafrikast ja Pakistanist) ning otseloomulikult toimub ürituse raames iga-aastane Peer Awards, mis annab võimaluse parimatele mobiili-startup'idele end näidata rahvusvahelise publiku ees. Ja kindlasti, ei saa me unustada MoMo 10. juubeli pidu!" naeratab ta, "MoMo fenomenaalse edu ja kasvu taga on meie suurepärane kogukond ja me ootame pikisilmi, et tähistada nendega 10. tegutsemisaastat, koos sõpradega Soomest, Eestist ja üle maailma."

Registratsioon MobileMonday 10 aasta juubeli Summit'ile on avatud. Rohkem infot ja programmi leiab, külastades internetiaadressi



Kui kaks hästi tuntud mobiilitööstuse visionääri Soomes, kutsusid pundi oma kolleege kõrtsu, et vahetada mõtteid ja ideesid ühel esmaspäeva õhtul 2000. aasta sügisel, ei olnud neil aimugi, et nad on loomas rahvusvahelist fenomeni.

Alates sellest on linnades üle maailma kogunenud mobiilisektori mõtlejad ja innovaatorid iga kuu esimesel esmaspäeval nende enda MobileMonday kodadesse. Praeguseks on MoMo kojad kõikides suuremates linnades kõikidel kontinentidel, mis teeb MobileMonday'st maailma suurima mobiili-inimeste kogukonna.

MobileMonday Summit on näide tõeliselt kiirest kasvust. Esimene summit 2005. aastal tõi kokku neli MoMo koda ja vähem kui 500 külastajat. 2006. aasta summit'iks oli kodasid juba 17 rohkem kui 1000 külalisega. 2008 aasta summit'il osalses rohkem kui 50 koda üle maailma ja üle 1500 inimese.

Rohkem MobileMonday'st:

MobileMonday announces its 10 Year Anniversary Summit and Peer Awards Helsinki/Tallinn, 27-29 September 2010.
Celebrating 10 years of community, collaboration and innovation.

In celebration of its 10 year anniversary, and in the collaborative spirit of MobileMonday, Helsinki and Tallinn are officially announced as co-hosts of the MobileMonday Summit and Peer Awards that will be held from 27-29 September 2010.

Jari Tammisto, Mobile Monday’s CEO says, “We’re thrilled to be back in Helsinki to ring in 10 years and also to be co-hosting this year’s event with our sister chapter in Tallinn. Estonia is a hub of mobile creativity and has pioneered several innovative services in the past decade. We could not ask for a better partner and collaborator for 2010. And given that we’re only a stone’s throw away (80km by ferry), it was natural for us to join forces. Everyone attending this year’s event is in for a treat.“

From its humble origins in Helsinki in 2000, MobileMonday (fondly known as ‘MoMo’) has grown to a dynamic global community with 102 local chapters in 50+ countries including megacities such as New York, Tokyo, Mumbai, Shanghai, Berlin, Johannesburg, and Buenos Aires.

In the past 12 months alone 18 new chapters have been added, close to 1000 events have been hosted, and some 150.000 mobile professionals have been involved across all continents. And everything is organized by an open and independent community of individuals who volunteer their time, energy and creativity in developing the local MoMo concept, organizing monthly meetings and events, and fostering all things mobile including grass roots innovation, cross border business development, idea sharing, and just good old camaraderie.

Tammisto adds, “This year’s theme ‘Fin/Est Mobile Innovation’ will bring the best of the Finnish and Estonian mobile industries right to the MoMo community including workshops, presentations and site visits in both Helsinki and Tallinn. The summit will also highlight exciting developments coming from some of our newest chapters, and of course the event will include the annual Peer Awards bringing the best of mobile startups. Oh…and we can’t forget the party. MoMo’s phenomenal success and growth is because of our great community and we look forward to celebrating our 10 year anniversary with our comrades and supporters from Finland, Estonia and abroad.”

Registration for the MobileMonday 10 Year Anniversary Summit is now open and program information can be found by visiting


About MobileMonday

When two well-know visionaries of the wireless industry in Finland invited a bunch of their colleagues for drinks and an exchange of ideas and information one Monday night in the Fall of 2000, they had no idea they were creating an international phenomenon.

Since then, in cities all over the world, thinkers and innovators in wireless have been getting together on the first Monday of every month in their own MobileMonday chapters. There are now chapters in major cities on every continent, making MobileMonday the world’s leading mobile community.

The Global Summit is a true fast-growth story. The first summit in 2005 brought four MoMo chapters and fewer than 500 delegates together. By the 2006 summit, the number of chapters had grown to 17, with over 1,000 delegates. At the 2008 summit there were more than 50 chapters from around the world and 1,500 delegates.

Learn more about MobileMonday:

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Soome president annetas EASi esindajale riikliku teenetemärgi

Soome Vabariigi president Tarja Halonen annetas Ettevõtluse Arendamise Sihtasutuse (EAS) esindajale Helsingis Valdar Liivele riikliku teenetemärgi, Soome Lõvi rüütelkonna I klassi rüütlimärgi (Suomen Leijonan ritarikunnan 1. luokan ritarimerkki).

Tegemist on suure tunnustusega, mis anti Liivele tema aktiivse tegevuse eest Soome-Eesti majandussuhete arendamisel.

Teenetemärgi andsid üle Soome-Eesti Kaubandusühingu praegune esimees Risto Tornivaara ja endine esimees Pellervo Erkkilä, kuna ettepanek aumärgi annetamiseks tuli ühingult ning Soome saatkonnalt Tallinnas.

Üleandmine toimus Eesti saatkonnas Helsingis vahetult peale saatkonna uue Estonia klaveri esitluskontserti 1. juunil. Klaveri kinkisid saatkonnale Soome-Eesti Kaubandusühing ja Helsingi Eesti Klubi, raha selleks koguti annetustega. Valdar Liive oli sellegi projekti läbiviimisel üks aktiivsemaid tegutsejaid.

MobileMonday Estonia soovib Valdar Liivele õnne ning tänab teda meeldiva ja sõbraliku koostöö eest MobileMonday Summit 2010: "FinEst Mobile Innovation" korraldamisel.

Foto: Toomas Dettenborn

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Fortumo Brings Western Enterpreneurs to Russian Speaking Markets

Eesti mobiilimakseplatvorm laieneb aktiivselt endiste Idabloki riikide seas, tänasest avati teenus Valgevenes ja Ukrainas. Ettevõtte sõnul tehakse ettevalmistusi ka teistel venekeelsetel turgudel teenuse avamiseks.

"Peale detsembris Venemaal teenuse avamist tõdesime lääne ettevõtete seas oodatust suuremat huvi venekeelsete turgude vastu," ütles Fortumo venekeelsete turgude turundusjuht Andrei Dementjev. "Asjade loomulik käik oli oma klientidega ühte sammu käia ning pakkuda laienemisvõimalusi ka teistele venekeelsetele turgudele" lisas Dementjev.

Lisaks mobiilsele makselahendusele saab igaüks Fortumo abil luua SMS-teenuse ilma tehnilisi oskusi vajamata vaid 5 minutiga. Fortumo lihtsad teenused on suunatud kasutajatele, kes ei ole programmeerimisega kokku puutunud, samas edasijõudnud teenused võimaldavad programmeerida oma SMS-teenuse ja siduda selle mistahes internetikeskkonnaga.

"Fortumo peamisteks klientideks on internetipõhised suhtlus-, info-, meelelahutus-, ja ärikeskkonnad ning internetiportaalid, aga ka raadiojaamad, kohalikud ajalehed ning reklaamifirmad, kes on praeguseks hetkeks kolmekümne kolmes riigis loonud üle 100 000 teenuse, " ütles Dementjev.

Fortumo laseb igaühel teha SMS-teenuse viie minutiga, ilma erioskusi vajamata 33-s riigis Euroopas kui Aasias. 2010. aastal on lisaks venekeelsetele turgudele laienetud ka Slovakkiasse ja Sloveeniasse., one of the very successful Estonian start-ups, continues to conquer new markets across Europe and CIS. Following the recent connection of Belarus and Ukraine, the number of supported countries has reached 33.

"After launching our services in Russia during December 2009, further expansion into CIS markets was one of our priorities", - says Andrei Dementjev, Fortumo's Marketing Manager in the Russian speaking countries

The main principle of Fortumo is to be simple and open and the same time - so anyone would be be able to create a revenue-generating service in a few minutes and absolutely for free, with more that 30 countries in Europe and Asia supported already. Thanks to it's major advantages, accessibility and speed of precessing, popularity of mobile payments is constantly increasing.

"Many large companies from Europe and Asia are interested in the region, mainly because this is one of the fastest growing markets in the world. However, local bureaucracy and poorly developed payment systems make it very hard for international companies. At the same time Fortumo is helping them with their plans without any risks nor costs", - Dementjev shares the secret company's of success.

Simultaneously with the launch of new markets, the company continues to fill gaps in the map of Europe. Slovakia, Slovenia and Bosnia were already connected earlier this year, negotiations with Greece and Austria are in progress. Growing popularity of the project may be proved by a recently achieved result - last week the number of created services has reached one hundred thousand.

About Fortumo: Fortumo is Europe's first open mobile platform provider, allowing companies, developers, web enterprises and media alike an opportunity to launch their own revenue-generating mobile services without any costs. Fortumo makes creating mobile services as easy as creating a blog, by eliminating all technical difficulties and making a market of over billion mobile subscribers in 33 countries available to anyone.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Estonian Mobile Startups - Rocking Barcelona Again!

TaxiPal võitis Barcelonas toimuval mobiilialaste startupide konkursil Mobile Premier Awards innovatsiooniauhinna! Täpsemalt kategoorias: "MPA in Innovation to the Best Early Stage Startup awarded by the MobileMonday Community".

Eelmisel aastal murdis end finaali kahekümne parema hulka Fortumo, ka sel aastal jõudis meie koduvabariigist pärit mobiilistartup finaali, kuid seekord valiti TaxiPal ka MobileMonday Community poolt parimaks varajase staadiumi startupiks innovatsiooni kategoorias.

See ütleb nii mõndagi Eesti küll tillukese, kuid väga tubli mobiilisektori konkurentsivõime kohta - Eestist tulevad lahedad ja head ideed!

Täpsemalt saab lugeda Mobile Premier Awardsi kodulehelt.

There is again a marker of success for Estonian mobile startups - TaxiPal won the "MPA in Innovation to the Best Early Stage Startup awarded by the MobileMonday Community" in Barcelona.

Its now two years in a row when Estonian starups cut through the competition into the finals in Barcelona. Fortumo made last year it into the final 20 startups. This year TaxiPal rocked the stage by winning MobileMonday community hearts at Mobile Premier Awars - this early stage starup got the MoMo community award.

This shows that the small but very innovative Estonian mobile industry generates great ideas - constantly!

Read more at Mobile Premier Awards homepage.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Mobi Solutions ja Nutiteq hakkavad ühiselt asukohapõhiseid mobiilirakendusi pakkuma

Rahvusvaheline mobiiliteenuste pakkuja Mobi Solutions omandas täna lõpule viidud tehingu käigus kolmandiku asukohapõhiste mobiilirakenduste arendajast Nutiteq OÜ.

Mobi investeering ettevõttesse võimendab Nutiteq-i tootearendust ja turundust, firmade koostööst tekib Euroopa mastaabis arvestatav tegija.

"Mobiilsetes seadmetes kasutatavad asukohapõhised rakendused on kiirelt kasvava nõudlusega valdkond", ütles Mobi partner Rain Rannu. "Nutiteqi ajud ning kogemus mobiilse kaarditarkvara vallas on unikaalsed ning ühiselt suudame uute ja ägedate lahendustega turule tulla. Meil on samas rütmis hingavad, sama visiooni ning väärtusi jagavad tiimid - sellest kujunes koostööle hea alus."

Eestis on Nutiteqi loodud rakendustest kättesaadav "EMT Eesti Kaart", mida on laetud enam kui 10.000 telefoni. Enamus Nutiteq OÜ käibest tuleb USA, Saksamaa, Lähis-Ida ning Austraalia turgudelt. Populaarseimal Nutiteq tehnoloogiat kasutaval mobiiliteenusel USAs on üle 2 miljoni lõppkasutaja.

"Lähiaastad tulevad põnevad" ütles Nutiteq-i asutaja ja juht Jaak Laineste. "Mobil on kogenud meeskond mobiilivaldkonna teenustes ja Nutiteq-il rahvusvaheliselt arvestatav tase kaarditarkvara arendamises. Kombinatsioonis luuakse mitte ainult Eesti, vaid ka Euroopa mastaabis arvestatav asukohapõhiste mobiili-lahenduste loomise võimekus."


Nutiteq on 2006. a asutatud Tartu Teaduspargis asuv ettevõte, kes arendab mobiiltelefonide tarkvara. Nutiteq asutajaks ja juhiks on Regio rahvusvaheliste asukohatehnoloogiate looja Jaak Laineste. Firma peamisteks klientideks on innovatiivsete webi-teenuste pakkujad, mobiilioperaatorid ja asukohapõhise sisu pakkujad. Nutiteq tarkvara kasutavate arendajate hulk üle maailma on neljakohaline number. Lisainfo:

Mobi Solutions on 2001. aastal Tartus asutatud rahvusvaheline mobiiliteenuste, SMS-gateway ja SMS-makse teenuste pakkuja ning SMS-hulgisaatmise vahendaja. Mobi m-turunduse lahendusi on kasutatud rohkem kui 500 projektis ning Mobi tarkvaraarendusmeeskonna välja töötatud rakendusi kasutab kokku rohkem kui 40 miljonit inimest. Mobi tütarettevõte Fortumo SMS-makseteenused on kättesaadavad 30 riigis Euroopas ja Aasias. Lisainfo:

Rohkem infot:

Jaak Laineste
Nutiteq OÜ asutaja ja juht
+372 50 92 586

Rain Rannu
Mobi Solutionsi partner ja juhatuse liige

Mobi Solutions has today announced its investment in Nutiteq OÜ, an innovative location-based mobile mapping company for developers, service and content providers. Mobi's investment will strengthen Nutiteq's product development and international marketing.

"Demand for location-based mobile applications is rapidly increasing" said Rain Rannu, partner of Mobi, "Nutiteq's brains and experience in mobile mapping are unique. Our teams share the same vision and breathe in the same rhythm - it's a great fit!"

Nutiteq's mobile mapping software is used by developers in USA, Germany, Middle-East, Northern Europe and Asia. The most popular service using Nutiteq's technology has over 2 million end-users in the US.

"Next few years are going to be exciting!" said Jaak Laineste, founder and CEO of Nutiteq, "Mobi has an experienced team in mobile services while Nutiteq has gained worldwide recognition for its mobile mapping software. Jointly, we shall be able to bring new and exciting solutions to market."

Nutiteq was founded in 2006 by Jaak Laineste, the former CTO and head of location-based technologies at Reach-U. Nutiteq provides mobile mapping solutions for developers, service providers and mobile operators. It's software is used by over 1000 developers in all corners of the world. More info at:

Mobi Solutions, founded in 2001 is an innovative Estonia-based provider of SMS-services, mobile payments, mobile marketing and government solutions. Applications developed by Mobi's development team are used by over 40 million end-users worldwide. Mobi's daughter-company Fortumo Ltd offers mobile payment solutions in more than 30 countries in Europe and Asia. More info at:

More info:

Rain Rannu,
Partner of Mobi Solutions,

Jaak Laineste,
Founder and CEO of Nutiteq,

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