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Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Thank you for the What Does it take to Develop Kickass Products? meetup

We had a lots of great people, listened to some inspiring people and had fun chats. Please find the slides of the speakers below.


Monday, 3 September 2018

MobileMonday: What Does it take to Develop Kickass Products?

What Does It Take To Develop Kickass Products is back! In collaboration with Estonian leading product, design and front-end conference Refresh 2018, MobileMonday Estonia is glad to kick off our new season with a Product Development special event. 

If last year our focus was on the product itself - speakers talked about the importance of user testing, design sprints, and product illustration - then this year will turn our attention towards the people who make products happen. 

Three expert speakers will share their real-life experiences and know-how on how to manage the kitchen side of product development - how to lead teams, how to build and sustain relationships with clients, and how to stay focused on the mission. 

Time: Monday, September 3, at 6 PM - 9:30 PM

Place: Mooncascade Tartu Office, Narva mnt 9, 3. floor Tartu, 51009

On stage:
Laura Noodapera, Onboarding Manager at Teamweek
“First steps towards Jobs To Be Done. Teamweek’s journey.”

Martti Kuldma, Head of Software Development at Pipedrive
“Tribes & missions - building a dynamic & efficient tech teams in Pipedrive.”

Britt Maasalu, Product Manager at Mooncascade "How to work effectively with external teams."

And of course there will be snacks, drinks & networking :)

The event is free and in English. Register HERE

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