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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Thank you for the great Product Management event!

We started the entrepreneurship week in Estonia with a MobileMonday focussing on the aspects of product management. We had a full house!

There were some changes to the agenda since during the autumn season - many people catch a cold or two ;) Luckily we were able to have additions to the speaker list and welcomed Weekdone and Cleveron on the stage.

For the reminder the slides which were shown / allowed to publish follow:

Monday, 3 October 2016

MobileMonday: "SaaS Product Management - the Estonian View"

The Entrepreneurship weeks starts on 3rd of October - our meet-up will be a part of the week's program. This time we'll focus on a critical topic which is well "under exposed" - namely Product Management. We'll do it from the Estonian perspective inviting our best startups to talk about it.

Every product or a service, every startup needs a product manager - some person responsible for defining the 'why', 'what,' and 'when' of the product that the engineering team will build.

So far most of the product managers are self-educated and we don't have too many universities teaching product management as a curriculum. We are delighted to see some of our brightest companies on the stage giving you insights like not before into the topic.

Let's gather on 3rd of October @ 18:00 in Spark Demo - Narva mnt 3 - NOTE the VENUE CHANGE again!

The event will be held in English and is free to attend, registrations is mandatory, though(!):

Eventbrite - MobileMonday: "SaaS Product Management - the Estonian View" @ Spark Demo - Narva mnt. 3, Tartu


18:00 Welcome and Introduction - Siim Kallari, GoWorkaBit
18:10 Marit Martin - Product Lead, Teamweek: "Language as the new digital interface"
18:30 Martin Koppel - Co-founder & CEO at Fortumo: "Product development: Where engineering meets business development"
18:50 Maret Kruve - Product Manager @Testlio

19:10 Refreshments and networking break.

19:30 Asko Seeba - Co-founder @Mooncascade & Product Manager @ - “Building a product for Middle East"
19:50 Alvar Lumberg, Engineering Lead @TransferWise: "Autonomous product engineering teams @ TransferWise"
20:10 Open Panel Discussion with the speakers - "Product Management - the Estonian View"

20:45 Networking and drinks! As usual for MobileMonday :)

Venue: Spark Demo @Narva mnt. 3.

SupportersDepartment of Business Development at Tartu City CouncilMooncascadeFortumoMessenteMobi Lab.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Thank you for the first "Back to Basics" event!

It was a great start to a new subseries of MobileMonday! The speakers guided us through various aspects of testing, sparked discussions and gave new ideas.

We could get a quick overview of the right mindset of a tester, hear about the pros and cons of manual and automated testing, check out a brilliant presentation about Pitest and mutation testing in general and last but not least find out what continuous integration really is.

A big thank you to all who came and special thanks to our presenters!

To follow up, here are the slides of the speakers and some photos. See you next time!

Gleb Smirnov - Senior Software Developer / Team Lead @Plumbr, "Mutation Testing"

And the photos:

Monday, 12 September 2016

MobileMonday: "Back to Basics - Testing"

Hi Everybody! The new season of Mobile Monday starts quicker than expected & with a different type of event than expected :) And this is not it, there are couple of more changes coming up. Everyone are free and very welcome to join!

First, the Venue changes.

We will start our 2016/2017 season already on 12th of September at the brand new Mooncascade Tartu office, Narva mnt, 9. After that one all the following events will take place in Spark Demo Narva mnt 3 (the same building, the other end).

Second, there will be a new type of event series added to our typical meet-ups.

As always we have awesome series and talks over the year - some business oriented like FinTech and some engineering oriented like we had with micro services and new things in back-end development.

Starting from 12th of September we have a new series: "Back to Basics" - every new, starting or already seasoned developer could and should join to better understand the basics of your development environment (Nope, not the IDE you are using (we can fight that during networking))!

And where is best place to start? - Of course it's testing! Because you should test every completed and released product/module or piece of code.

With "Back to Basics - Testing" we'll try out how this type of event works out on 12th of September.

For this event we have prepared 4 topics and open panel discussion, which include and are not limited to having a mindset for proper testing, knowing how to be sure your front-end and back-end acts as it should and of course how to integrate it continuously.

So mark your calendars 12th of September @ 18:00 in MoonCascade office @ Narva mnt, 9 (Spark building - the Raatuse street side).

As per the established tradition, the event will be held in English and is free to attend (registrations is mandatory, though!).

Eventbrite - MobileMonday: "Back to Basics" @Mooncascade Tartu offices


18:00 Welcome and Introduction - Siim Espenberg
18:10 Vaido Vähk - QA Lead @Mooncascade: "Mindset of a Ninja Tester"
18:35 Erich Jagomägis - Developer @BitWeb: "Front-end Testing (manual, automated, you name it)"

19:00 Refreshments and networking break.

19:20 Gleb Smirnov - Senior Software Developer / Team Lead @ Plumbr, “Mutation Testing"
19:45 Tauno Talimaa, CTO at Greenhouse CI, "Continuous Integration, Delivery and Deployment for Mobile

20:10 Open Panel Discussion - Philosophy in Testing

20:40 Networking and drinks! As usual for MobileMonday :)

Venue: Mooncascade offices @Narva mnt. 9.

SupportersDepartment of Business Development at Tartu City CouncilMooncascadeFortumoMessenteMobi Lab.

Monday, 9 May 2016

Mobile Monday: Oh! Another social network!

Mobile Monday Estonia is starting up community meetings in Tallinn. This time we'll be touching discussions and topics around Estonian social networks - both the old and the new.

Estonian social networks - some we have seen to fade, some are still here to stay and some are to be seen in the future to prevail? We'll get deep insights on how Estonian social networks are born, how to escape failures and what are the possible key concepts to succeed.

Our speakers have experience in creating and managing social networks in the past. They will be sharing their thoughts around some of the home-brew Estonian social networks:
  • Andrei Korobeinik on Rate and Flirtic
  • Sten Seppo on Addgoals
  • Martin Henk on Uniteddogs
  • Marko Russiver on Guaana
  • Martin Grüner on
Event will be hosted by Andrii Gorbenko, Project Manager at Stoneful.

We'll meet up on 9th of May at 19:00 at Garage48 HUB Tallinn (Rävala pst 7, Tallinn).

As it's traditional for MoMo events, the fascinating presentations will be accompanied by drinks, snacks and lots of networking. The event will be held in English and is free to attend. Registrations is mandatory, though!

Eventbrite - Mobile Monday: Oh! Another social network!

Thank you and see you on Mobile Monday!

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Thank you for another great MoMo event!

It was awesome to hear about new and well-functioning hardware solutions. Even better, we could even see and touch some, an actual electric motorcycle for example! Though as Pearu and others described, it is not only fun and chill in hardware prototyping.

The way how Kinotehnik has grown is truly amazing and you need to earn a lot to buy their next big product :)

Lahzit proved us perfectly that you do not have to have a background in economics to do succesful business all over the world. And Evocon - well, they are really making manufacturing smarter!

Once again a big thank you to participants and especially to our great speakers! Looking forward to the next meet-up!

Here are also the slides of the presenters and some photos. See you guys next time!

Monday, 28 March 2016

MobileMonday: Mechanic Monday :)

Our second MobileMonday of the year 2016 will give us a peek inside a whole different ballgame. We will hear stories from people who interact daily with software, but their main focus is HARDWARE. So if you have a need for custom hardware and you still do not know whether your idea is feasible, this is the place to be ;)

Tõnis from Kinotehnik will give a quick overview what is needed to transform an idea to full-blown product. Pearu (Protolab) with Rainer (Digitigu) will show a prototype electric motorcycle and talk about the pains of hardware prototyping and Ahto from Evocon will introduce you to Mr. Evocon who knows everything about smart manufacturing.

We'll meet up on 28th of March at 18:00 at GarageHUB, Tartu. Make sure you come by and bring your friends!

As per the established tradition, the event will be held in English and is free to attend (registrations is mandatory, though!).

Eventbrite - MobileMonday: Mechanical Tuesday :) @Garage48 HUB Tartu


18:00 Welcome and Introduction - Priit Salumaa
18:10 Rainer Paat / Oliver Meus - Founder and Engineer @Digitigu LLC: "Project BatteryBlok! (One Step Closer to Electric Motorcycle's and Electric Go Karts)"
18:35 Tõnis Liivamägi - Founder and CEO @Kinotehnik: "Inventing world's first and smallest bi-color, variable beam smartphone controlled LED light - The Practilite 602"

19:00 Refreshments and networking break.

19:20 Ahto Krõlov - Co-Founder @Evocon: "Manufacturing meets IT"
19:45 Toomas Laatsit - Mechanical Engineer @LahZit: "One of the ways to turn local technical knowledge into the global market"

20:10 Networking and drinks! As usual for MobileMonday :)

Venue: Garage48 HUB Tartu. The event is held in English.

Supporters: Tartu Business Advisory Services,  European Union Regional Development Fund, MooncascadeFortumoMessenteMobi Lab.

Key supporters:
This MoMo has been financed via Tartu Business Advisory Services from EU Regional Development Fund priority area No 5 'Developing SME's and regional entrepreneurship' strand 'Strengthening regional competition' activity No 5.4.2 'Regional initiatives for increasing labour market inclusion and developing entrepreneurship'.

EU Regional Development Fund
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