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Monday, 13 April 2015

Thank you for a great Mobile Monday event!

Hi all! Thank you so much for coming last night - it was a thoroughly interesting evening, what with the IoT of things from ladies shoes to A/C monitors and saunas! Internet of Things really is here and I hope we all know a wee bit more about it now! The event got great feedback - thanks guys!

Please find below the slides of the talks also: Priit Salumaa delivered the intro after which Asko Seeba from Mooncascade gave an introduction to the buzzword of IoT

and then Indrek Rebane delivered a very entertaining performance on what IoT means to an electronic engineer, complete with dead birds and snow capped IoT devices behind trees

this in turn was followed by Eero Ränik's speech on scalability


and then Siim Nellis from HUUM took the stage to talk about clever saunas


...and the event was wound together by Daniel Dordett, who spoke about his company Air Patrol. 

Great thanks to our supporters!  Department of Business Development at Tartu City GovernmentMooncascadeFortumoMessenteMobi Lab.

MobileMonday: "Internet of Things - WTF!?"

It’s time for Mobile Monday again folks! We will kick off the late start to this year’s MoMo programme with the increasingly relevant (OR maybe not?) topic of the mysterious ‘Internet of Things’.

IoT as a buzzword, despite having been around for a little while now, is finally gaining the momentum it deserves. To kill the gossip and bring some clarity to its muddy waters we will talk about what IoT is, what it means to work in it, and how to be good at it.

Since the Mobile World Congress the topic of IoT seems to be on every large operator, car manufacturer and, of course, home security solutions providers’ radar. It is relevant for all of us to know where the ideas and solutions of the future - for connecting the inanimate objects around us come from and are utilised to help us, humans, live better.

We dig into the electronics engineering field and scalability issues encountered with IoT as well as take a peek at how to create an award winning product.

We'll meet up on 13th of April at 18:00 at Ülikooli Kohvik, Tartu. As always, the event will feature speakers from both start-ups and established companies, with a surprise thrown in! So make sure you come by and be one of the first ones to know about the Internet of Things and the future.

As per the established tradition, the event will be held in English and is free to attend (registration is mandatory, though!).

Eventbrite - MobileMonday: Internet of Things - WTF!?

First we'll have an introduction to the field and hear an engineer’s point of view before moving on to talking about award winning products such as the HUUM sauna experience. Afterwards our traditional networking session accompanied with beers shall commence :)


17:45 Gathering and collecting badges.

18:15 Priit Salumaa - Co-founder @ MoMo Estonia & Mooncascade - Opening words
18:20 Asko Seeba - Co-founder @ Mooncascade - "Introduction to the field"
18:40 Indrek Rebane - Co-founder @ Hedgehog - "What does IoT mean for an electronics Engineer"

19:00 Refreshments and networking break.

19:20 Eero Ränik - Co-founder @ Heelosophy - "Scalability issues on M2M communication processing"
19:40 Siim Nellis - Founder @ HUUM - "How to win a Red Dot Award"
20:00 Daniel Dordett - CEO @ AirPatrol - "AirPatrol - heat pump and AC control by mobile phone"

20:20 Networking and drinks! As usual for MobileMonday :)

Venue: Ülikooli Kohvik (University Cafe), II floor Rõdusaal. Ülikooli 20, Tartu. Event is held in English

Supporters:  Department of Business Development at Tartu City CouncilMooncascadeFortumoMessenteMobi Lab.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Buildit Hardware Accelerator's DEMO DAY

You are invited to Buildit Hardware Accelerator's DEMO DAY!

Three months of countless hours, long days, short nights and hard work have resulted in 10 new products ready to be unveiled to the world.

Taking place in the Guiness World Record holding pub and #1 restaurant in Tartu according to the TripAdvisor - The Gunpowder Cellar this will be an event to remember not only for investors and startups but also for future entrepreneurs and tech-lovers.

Exciting talks, first-time insight in the prototypes and great atmosphere – all you have to do is come! Sign up now!

Save the date! Tuesday, December 2nd! Kicking off at 5pm. You don't even have to worry about the transportation, as we will have a bus taking you from and to Tallinn (sign up here

Sign up here or in eventbrite (pw: CoolHardware)

Thursday, 20 November 2014


There will be a workshop in Tartu: A Workshop on the Nuts and Bolts of Making the Jump to the U.S.

The workshop is open to all individuals, start-ups and companies who are interested in making the leap to the United States to expand business opportunities. Speakers will cover issues like business incorporation, taxes, and participants will also hear directly from a number of companies who have already invested or are doing business in the United States market.

When: November 20, 2014 from 13:00 - 15:00
Where: ZeroTurnaround Offices Tartu (Ulikooli 2, 4th Floor, 51003, Tartu)


  • Ambassador Jeffrey Levine, U.S. Ambassador to Estonia 
  • Jevgeni Kabanov , CEO, ZeroTurnaround 
  • Riina Einberg, Managing Director, ZeroTurnaround 
  • Karl J. Paadam, Partner, PwC Legal Baltics 
  • Hannes Lentsius, Tax Advisor, PwC Estonia 
  • Priit Potter, Founder, Plumbr 
  • Marek Kiisa, Astrec Investments/ESTBAN 
  • Gary Planthaber, CTO, Sentab 
  • Lisa Cross, Consular Officer, U.S. Embassy Tallinn 

RSVP: Please send RSVPs to Brett Makens ( by November 18th.
NOTE: Workshop is Free of Charge

Monday, 6 October 2014

MobileMonday: From a Necessity to a Product.

We start our season 2014/2015 together with Tartu Enterpreneurship Week with a topic exploring our Tartu based startups building professional (developer) tools. Main focus is - where do they come from, why are they doing what they are doing?

It is an important question where do the ideas and the necessities come from to create something that helps you for example to deploy faster on enterprise servers (ZeroTurnaround) or to deal in a hassle-free manner with continuous integration for mobile apps (Greenhouse CI - Mobi Lab).

We'll meet up on 6th of October at 18:30 at Ülikooli Kohvik, Tartu. The event will feature 4 startups (see below) and two of them are quite new to the public - Geenhouse CI and Messente. So make sure you come by and be one of the first ones to know about them.

Like always, the event is in English and free to attend (registrations is mandatory, though). First we'll hear about the roots and beginnings of these startups and have a small discussion where to look for important enough ideas to create something what matters. After that networking accompanied with beers is commencing :)

Eventbrite - MobileMonday: From a Necessity to a Product


18:30 Priit Salumaa - Co-founder @ MoMo Estonia & Mooncascade - Opening words
18:35 Toomas Römer - Dad, Co-founder @ ZeroTurnaround, Geek, Hackepreneur, Baduk & Tennis player - "Turning Domain Knowledge into a Product." Toomas will share his experience with developing different ZeroTurnaround products from 0 to success and to also failures. It will be a random set of war stories packed into 20 minutes and 4 products.
18:55 Tauno Talimaa - lead - "Stop writing internal products - the story of Greenhouse"
19:15 Lauri Kinkar - CEO, Messente - " - growing a side product to a separate business."

19:35 Refreshment and networking break.

19:50 Vladimir Šor - Co-founder and CTO @ Plumbr - "Why did we Start Dealing with Memory Leaks in a Better Way"
20:10 Open Panel Discussion - "Where and When to look for ideas that matter and solve real problems."

20:35 Networking and drinks! As usual for MobileMonday :)

Venue: Ülikooli Kohvik (University Caffee), II floor Rõdusaal. Ülikooli 20, Tartu. Event is held in English

Supporters:  Department of Business Development at Tartu City GovernmentMooncascadeFortumoMessenteMobi Lab.

Friday, 4 July 2014

First Time in MoMo Estonia History - MobileMonday Summer Grill!

Esimest korda Mobile Monday Estonia ajaloos teeme ühe suvise ürituse: "Summer Grill!". Üritus toimub 4. juuli õhtul kell 18:00 Tartus Antoniuse Õues ning on tavapärasest veel mõnusam. Külla tulevad ka riistvara idufirmade veteranid Silicon Valley'st ja Torontost.

Suviti oleme me küll alati puhanud ning töised asjaajamised ja jutuajamised jätnud pimedamasse aega, kuid meie üks olulisimaid asju on ju mobiilihuviliste kogukond kokku tuua ja miks mitte teha seda ka suvel :)

Seega tuleb meie esimene Suvegrill, kuhu ootame kõiki meie kogukonna liikmeid ja külalisi - joome õlut nagu alati ja grillime. Samuti on meil mõned väga head esinejad (nagu alati) ning tüüpiliselt mõnus seltskond.

Asukoht on aga teine - Ülikoolikohvikus ei saa grillida, seepärast oleme me teisel pool tänavat Antoniuse Õues (Lutsu 3, Tartu).

Kuna meie kodune BuildIT kiirendi on toomas suurepäraseid mentoreid oma programmi kutsume nad ka esinema. Seega kuuleme kõike riistvarastartup'idest. Alates sellest kuidas tõsta raha Kickstarter tüüpi keskkondadest lõpetades tootmisraskustega.

Kõnelejate hulgas on
  • Sariettevõtja, riistvarablogija ja Upverteri CEO Zak Homuth (vaata ning
  • Katherine Hague ShopLocket'ist - üks olulisemast 5 naisest kantavaid vidinaid puudutavas elektroonika sektoris.
  • Lisaks on kohal ka mõned äriinglid ning tutvuda saab ka BuildIT riistvara kiirendi tiimi ja startup'idega.
Kutsuge sõbrad kaasa - üritus on tasuta ja kõigile avatud, küll aga on registreerumine kohustuslik:

Eventbrite - MobileMonday Summer Grill!

Welcome to our Summer Grill at 18:00 on 4th of July at Antoniuse Õu, in Tartu! Yes, for the first time in MoMo Estonia history we'll do a summer gathering. We'll have great guests - seasoned hardware startup veterans from Silicon Valley and Toronto!

We have done our meetups during a darker times of year, but one of our main points is to gather the community of mobile enthusiast and why not in summmer as well! Thus we'll have our first Summer Grill - you are all welcome to join us for a beer and for some grilling.

We'll have as usual couple of very good speakers and (as usual) a great company. The venue is a bit different - we can't set up a barbeque in Ülikooli kohvik, thus we are practically across the street at Antoniuse Õu (Lutsu 3, Tartu).

In this meetup it will be all about hardware and startups: we’ll talk about crowdfunding, hardware startup opportunities, manufacturing challenges and much more! And even if you just recently found out about hardware’s charm - you are more than welcome to join.

Speakers include
  • serial entrepreneurs like open hardware blogger and CEO of Upverter Zak Homuth (see and 
  • Katherine Hague one of the 5 women to watch in wearable technology from ShopLocket ( accompanied by 
  • angel investors and Buildit hardware accelerator team & startups.

Make sure you invite your friends and let other HW enthusiasts know - the event is free and open for everyone, registration is mandatory, though:

Eventbrite - MobileMonday Summer Grill! 

Toetajad / Supporters:  Department of Business Development at Tartu City GovernmentMooncascadeFortumoMessenteMobi Lab.

Note: Buildit Hardware Accelerator just opened call for its second batch with an increased investment with up to 20k euros per team. The 3-month program starts on September 15th, 2014. Applications are open till 20th of July for hardware startups from around the world. Look it up @

Friday, 30 May 2014

Buildit accelerator opening party!

Join the celebration of hardware revolution on 30th of May, 14:00 at Tartu Teaduspark as Buildit accelerator has been officially open. Meet other hardware enthusiasts and be the first one introduced to Buildit teams!

To attend Buildit opening event, please register till May 26th.

More about Buildit:

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