EMT parking service made it to the final of the GSM Association's Annual Award

The GSM Association announced that EMT's parking service (paying for parking via mobile phone) has been nominated for the Annual Award in the category of Most Innovative GSM Wireless Service for Customers.

The GSM Association grants annual prizes in four categories: GSM in the Community Award, Best GSM TV Commercial Award, Most Innovative GSM Wireless Service for Customers and Best GSM Technical Innovation Award. According to the GSM Association, the majority of candidates were in the Most Innovative Service category. In total, 360 candidates were entered for the Annual Award.

Among the entries for the Most Innovative Service category, along with EMT, were nominated Manx Telecom (Isle of Man) with the Mobile Connect service, Smart Communications (Philippines) with the Smart Money service and Eurotel Bratislava (Slovakia) with its Easy Bonus service.

The award winners are to be announced at the GSM Association's world congress on February 20, 2001 in Cannes.

"Being a nominee for the GSM Association's Annual Award is great recognition, even if we don't win the prize," said EMT's CEO Peep Aaviksoo. "It'll inspire us for the future since EMT's goal is to create solutions that not only suit the Estonian market, but for other markets as well. A small country operator can be among the big ones only by its cleverness; and ambitions can never be too big."

EMT introduced the parking service on July 1st, 2000. At the moment over 8000 clients use the service, which is available in Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu and Kuressaare.
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