Thank You for a Wonderful Summer Event in Tallinn

This spring's last event brought us to Tallinn and dispite the wonderful 27+ weather outside we had a great event. Thank You all for making it happen and special thanks to our event sponsor Skype.

This was the first time for us to battle a very complex topic: Mobile Voice over IP. We had all the key players present: Skype (VoIP service provider), EMT (operator), and Ericsson (network vendor). This resulted in hugely interesting discussions.

The main result, as the answer on our panel discussion topic: operators can love VoIP. More generally the event revealed more of the possible future scenarios for the mobile market than any topic before on MoMo Estonia events. It is interesting to see all the players play together and the coming changes on the market.

And here are the presentation slides:

First presenter was Nicholas Babaian, the Mobile Product Manager at Skype. In his shot speech he illuminated the main user experience drivers for the change how we use our phones and how a communication session will look like in the future.

The second to present was Aljona Maltseva, Solution Architect at Ericsson Estonia. Her presentation gave an overview of fixed and mobile telephony evolution and the ways how Ericsson tackles the VoIP field towards better standards.

Third to present was Tõnu Grünberg CTO at our biggest mobile operator EMT. According to the topic he told us the operator's view on VoIP, the difficulties on markets, and introduced the EMT's VoIP service package.

[slides still to come]

And the fourth presenter was Martin Sokk Retail E-Channels Development Department's Development Manager at Swedbank, who presented us the brand new mobile banking web of Swedbank.

As the traditional finish to our formal part we had the open panel discussion: "VoIP on Mobile - can Operators Learn to Love it?" which was definitely the most interesting part of the event. The discussion was friendly, interesting, but partly quite heated. We thank the audience for all the intriguing questions!

We thank you All for a great Mobile Monday and will be waiting you to our next event in Tartu in September.
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