AppCircus, the global travelling showcase comes to Estonia on 21.11.2011

World famous AppCircus comes to Estonia, Tallinn on 21.11.2011. Want to be presented at the Mobile World Congress 2012? Deadline for app submission is 31.10.2011

AppCircus, the showcase of the most innovative and creative apps,  arrives to Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, on the 21st of November at the Technopolis ÜlemisteTechnopolis Ülemiste.

AppCircus is open and free to developers, startups and any other organization with apps on any platform, giving a great chance to present live their applications on stage.

An internacional jury will select one winner, who will get an opportunity to be nominated for the Mobile Premier Awards 2012, which are held during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The deadline to participate is the 31st of October!

Rules for Participation:

  • Submissions and presentations to AppCircus are FREE and open to any developer, startup or company.

  • Applicants must send one representative to present the app live on stage.

  • The apps selected will have  three minutes to pitch on stage.

  • Apps are submitted through the AppCircus platform at

  • Registration and membership for AppCircus are FREE!

  • members need to add the app to their profile before applying for an AppCircus.

  • Candidates can submit more than one app.

  • Each app can only be presented in one AppCircus, unless if it receives a Runner up Waiver.

  • One app in each AppCircus will be nominated for the pool of apps from which the 20 finalists for the Mobile Premier Awards 2012 will be selected.

  • The app with the most votes, after the nomination winner, will receive a “Runner up Waiver”, which allows the app to reapply for selection for another AppCircus.

Venue Information:

The location will be at the Technopolis ÜlemisteTechnopolis Ülemiste, Lõõtsa 6, Tallinn, Estonia.


6.00pm: Welcome and introductions
6.15pm: First Act - Leading Platforms present
6.45pm: 2nd Act - 10 Apps present with jury feedback
7.45pm: Thanks and jury selection for Runnerup plus the winner.
7.50pm: Networking and Winner announcement.
8.30pm: Close

For any additional information, please contact us

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