Andreas Constantinou, VisionMobile speaks at Mobile Monday on 21.11. Tallinn at Technopolis Ülemiste

Andreas Constantinou, Founder and Managing Director of VisionMobile, a leading market analysis and strategy firm for all things connected, is visiting Estonia, Tallinn with a comprehensive presentation about the mobile market state to date. The presentation is given on 21st of November at the Technopolis Ülemiste.

As Founder and Managing Director, Andreas oversees the research and strategy projects at VisionMobile. He has ten years of experience in mobile having led strategy projects for brand-name clients across the industry, including Nokia, RIM, Telenor, Telefonica, Vodafone, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Gemalto and Tieto.

Andreas is also an Adjunct Professor at Lund University, Sweden and teaches Entrepreneurship at the Athens Economics University. He holds a Ph.D. in Image & Video Compression from the University of Bristol, UK.

Prior to founding VisionMobile, Andreas spent 3 years at Orange’s Research & Innovation division. His interests include uncovering under-the-radar industry trends and mapping the mobile industry. When not hopping on planes, Andreas spends his time in Athens, Greece.

VisionMobile is a leading market analysis and strategy firm, for all things connected. They offer competitive analysis, market due diligence, industry maps, executive training and strategy guidance, ranging from the industry's hottest trends to under-the-radar market sectors. VisionMobile team comprises of mobile industry insiders, each with 10+ years experience in the market.

If you haven't seen Andreases work before, we encourage you to take a peek at Developer Economics 2011 released on June this year. Developer Economics 2011 takes the reader across the entire developer journey, from the shift of mindshare and why "users can buy you love," to how money is made in mobile.

It covers the hottest issues in development, from app design and promotion to monetisation and user support. It is the "must read" material for every self-respectable member of the mobile industry ecosystem.

Use the chance to get the insights of the mobile industry ecosystem directly from the source itself!

Venue Information:
Andreas will be presenting at Mobile Monday Estonia and AppCircus event on the 21st of November at 14:00 at the Technopolis Ülemiste, Conference Room of Lõõtsa 2A Building, 1st Floor, Tallinn, Estonia.

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The event is powered by Technopolis Ülemiste. Seminar is hosted in cooperation with ICT Export Cluster and is funded by European Regional Development Fund. For more info see

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