The Mobile Premier Awards announce winners at MWC - AppCircus Tallinn Runner-Up BearCare amongst them!

The runner up in AppCircus Tallinn, the Lithuanian BearCare was selected as the favourite of the Jury and becoming one of the three winners of the Mobile Premiere Awards at the Mobile World Congress this year. Congratulations to the team!

MoMo Estonia hosted and organized an AppCircus Tallinn event in October 2011. The two best apps of the AppCircus were selected in Ülemiste City by a competent jury. The two highlights of this event were Qminder and BearCare. Qminder was selected as the winner and BearCare as the runner-up of AppCircus Tallinn.

Both apps made it to the Mobile Premier Awards which is one of the traditional highlights at MWC in Barcelona. Organized by App Circus, the event comes as the conclusion of a one-year international competition process to showcase the 20 best apps.

Three winners were chosen at the Mobile Premier Awards. Best App Winner (jury): BearCare; Audience Award: Touchy Books; and Ringmaster's Award (organizers): Mafuta Go.

Mafuta Go is one of the Garage48 Kampala, Uganda teams, launched in September.

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