Free demo booths for startups at Latitude 59 Conference!

Latitude 59, held on 7-8th June in Tallinn University of Technology is the go-to place for the Nordic and Baltic start-up scene for venture capitalists and start-ups in the spring. It is a great possibility for start-ups to participate in the Latitude 59 Conference and have the possibility to present their products during the intermissions and coffee breaks at the Latitude 59 Booth Hall for FREE!

The goal of the conference is to bring together innovators and startup entrepreneurs to meet angel investors, VC partners, lawyers, and those supporting the global expansion of innovative companies from countries three hundred kilometers either side of Latitude 59.

The focus of the conference is broader than the usual web and mobile startups. It elevates and draws wider attention to alternative areas of technology: biotech and cleantech to name a two for 2012. That differentiates it from a standard startup conference in the region giving its audience a broader and more interesting content. 

Thanks to its broad reach and practical approach, Latitude 59 conference is:
  • an excellent opportunity to make your start-up visible 
  • a unique place to introduce your products on a free demo ground 
  • irreplaceable network for getting useful contacts for the purposes of expanding your start-up’s activities 
The organisers provide at the demo booth ground a:
  •  free presentation table, 
  •  electricity, 
  •  wifi-connection, 
  •  and also technical assistance 
The space is for FREE, the participants just have to buy the conference ticket.

The Conference is in its Fifth Year as a continuation of the annual conference organized by Enterprise Estonia and International Technology Law Association in Tallinn since 2008. In 2012 it's going through a strong leap forward with its new organizing partners Garage48, MobileMonday Estonia, Tallinn University of Technology, and Tehnopol Foundation.

Latitude 59 is a partner conference for Slush and Arctic15 autumn conferences in Helsinki. It partners up with Riga Tech Hub, Aalto Venture Garage and Arctic Startup for wider reach in the region.

Use this opportunity to present yourself and let us know about your demo booth interest by sending an e-mail to by 20.05.2012 the latest.
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