MobileMonday: From a Necessity to a Product.

We start our season 2014/2015 together with Tartu Enterpreneurship Week with a topic exploring our Tartu based startups building professional (developer) tools. Main focus is - where do they come from, why are they doing what they are doing?

It is an important question where do the ideas and the necessities come from to create something that helps you for example to deploy faster on enterprise servers (ZeroTurnaround) or to deal in a hassle-free manner with continuous integration for mobile apps (Greenhouse CI - Mobi Lab).

We'll meet up on 6th of October at 18:30 at Ülikooli Kohvik, Tartu. The event will feature 4 startups (see below) and two of them are quite new to the public - Geenhouse CI and Messente. So make sure you come by and be one of the first ones to know about them.

Like always, the event is in English and free to attend (registrations is mandatory, though). First we'll hear about the roots and beginnings of these startups and have a small discussion where to look for important enough ideas to create something what matters. After that networking accompanied with beers is commencing :)

Eventbrite - MobileMonday: From a Necessity to a Product


18:30 Priit Salumaa - Co-founder @ MoMo Estonia & Mooncascade - Opening words
18:35 Toomas Römer - Dad, Co-founder @ ZeroTurnaround, Geek, Hackepreneur, Baduk & Tennis player - "Turning Domain Knowledge into a Product." Toomas will share his experience with developing different ZeroTurnaround products from 0 to success and to also failures. It will be a random set of war stories packed into 20 minutes and 4 products.
18:55 Tauno Talimaa - lead - "Stop writing internal products - the story of Greenhouse"
19:15 Lauri Kinkar - CEO, Messente - " - growing a side product to a separate business."

19:35 Refreshment and networking break.

19:50 Vladimir Šor - Co-founder and CTO @ Plumbr - "Why did we Start Dealing with Memory Leaks in a Better Way"
20:10 Open Panel Discussion - "Where and When to look for ideas that matter and solve real problems."

20:35 Networking and drinks! As usual for MobileMonday :)

Venue: Ülikooli Kohvik (University Caffee), II floor Rõdusaal. Ülikooli 20, Tartu. Event is held in English

Supporters:  Department of Business Development at Tartu City GovernmentMooncascadeFortumoMessenteMobi Lab.
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