MoMo Friday Special: Music Meets Technology

You migh have heard that Tartu Music Week will have a different flavor this year. This time the whole festival is designed around our local tech-scene. There will be free pop-up concerts at startups and a special MobileMonday: "Music Meets Technology" event to finish the day!

So this Friday, the 27th we'll meet at  Garage48 HUB Tartu - Raekoja plats 16 at 18:00. We'll start the event as usual, have a more party-like feeling to the whole thing - it's FRIDAY afterall! and will go later to Genialistide Klubi.

This will be a different MobileMonday - different day, different feeling, a very different topic bringing together both important scenes in Tartu - the Music and Tech.

Couple of highlights to raise your appetite to meet extraordinary people from Music scene:

Markku Mäkelä, also known by his producer monicker Marked Man, is a Finnish music producer, label owner and manager of Noah Kin. He is a partner at the Helsinki based record label Cocoa Music that has been gaining attention through their releases and high-end music videos for artists such as Noah Kin, Ronya, Gracias, Biniyam and Femme En Fourrure.

Mäkelä’s background is in the IT sector, where his first company in the mid-90’s was one of Finland’s first internet service providers. This lead him working in various new media companies through the early 2000’s.

Sandra Sillamaa is a renowned Estonian bagpipe player and a member of the bands Trad.Attack!, Paabel and Ro:toro. Sandra is also the author of the idea behind "100 Bagpipes" video blog where well-known Estonians are trying to play the Estonian bagpipe for the very first time.

Her  main band, Trad. Attack! are multiple winners of Estonian Music Awards and Estonian Ethno Music Awards have toured all over Europe and beyond since their debut live at Tallinn Music Week 2014. The band has also gained attention for their forward-thinking marketing and active usage of modern social networking apps.

As per the established tradition, the event will be held in English and is free to attend (registration is mandatory, though!).

Eventbrite - MobileMonday Special: Music Meets Tech @Garage48 HUB Tartu


18:00 Gathering and collecting badges.

18:15 Priit Salumaa - Co-founder @ MoMo Estonia & Mooncascade - Opening words

18:20 Panel Discussion: How to promote a b(r)and – new ways of introducing new products and brands to the world

Sandra Sillamaa – musician, co.founder of Trad.Attack!
Markku Mäkelä – Finnish music producer, owner of a record labels & artist manager, Cocoa Music
Helen Sildna – main organizer Tallinn Music Week
Priit Salumaa – Co-founder at Mooncascade

Moderator – Tõnu Runnel, Co-founder at Voog

19:00 Panel Discussion: Tartu start-up community – how to grow Tartu into something like Silicon Valley?

Rein Lemberpuu – Founder at Contriber Labs
Priit Salumaa – Co-founder at Mooncascade
Tõnu Runnel – Co-founder at Voog
Veiko Raime – Co-founder at Mobi Lab
Lemmit Kaplinski – Aparaaditehas

Moderator – Helen Sildna, Tallinn Music Week

19:30 Networking and drinks! And a DJ!

20:30 We all go to Genialistide Club!

Venue: Garage48 HUB Tartu, II floor of Raekojaplats 16 - entry from the Kompanii street. Event is held in English

See the schedule for the rest of the day (pop-up concerts, gatherings) HERE.

Supporters:  Department of Business Development at Tartu City CouncilMooncascadeFortumoMessenteMobi Lab.
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