MobileMonday: Technical Platform Choices for a Startup Becoming an Enterprise

The first Mobile Monday of the year 2016 will take us on an exploration of a more technical topic than the previous ones. We will be focussing on the choices of technical platforms for a start-up that wants to grow into an enterprise - what are the criteria to bear in mind? What are the options and limitations? We'll be hearing it straight from the horse's mouth as Pipedrive, Testlio and others take to the stage.

Pipedrive is a sales management CRM system that nearly every Estonian knows - with offices locally and stateside, one of their co-founders Martin Henk will be giving their account on the subject matter. We also welcome Testlio, who have seen superb growth over the last 3 years to their QA service offered by a community of qualified testing engineers. Additionally, Messente and Fortumo will also share their expertise and we will conclude with a stimulating Open Panel Discussion!

We'll meet up on 25th of January at 18:00 at GarageHUB, Tartu (note location!!). As always, the event will feature various speakers from both start-ups and established companies, with a surprise thrown in! So make sure you come by and be one of the first ones to know about the best choices to make when choosing a technology platform for your start-up.

As per the established tradition, the event will be held in English and is free to attend (registrations is mandatory, though!).

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First we'll have an introduction into the topic by our very own Priit Salumaa, after which the presenters will take to the stage. Afterwards our traditional networking session accompanied with beers and snacks shall commence :)


18:00 Welcome and Introduction - Priit Salumaa
18:15 Pipedrive - Martin Henk, Co-Founder, Head of Product Management: "The art of not being too good at the Marshmallow test"
18:30 Messente - Jaanus Rõõmus, Co-founder & CTO: "What we have learned about API scaling throughout Messente's international SMS traffic growth"
18:45 Testlio - Martin Raag, Head of Engineering: "Adventures in Serverless Backends"

19:00 Refreshments and networking break.

19:15 Fortumo - Taavet Tamm, Senior Dev: "“Startup - it’s not just an IT project” - a random sampling of problems we’ve faced so far."
19:30 Open Panel Discussion and a religious fight about software platforms.
19:50 Networking and drinks! As usual for MobileMonday :)

Venue: Garage48 HUB Tartu, 25. jaanuar 18:00. The event is held in English.

Supporters: Department of Business Development at Tartu City CouncilMooncascadeFortumoMessenteMobi Lab.
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