MobileMonday: Space Edition

MobileMonday Estonia is going to space now. Space Edition meetup will cover topics from handling the data from Copernicus to space hardware development. 

Time: Monday, November 12 at 6 PM - 9:30 PM

Place: Narva mnt 3, Tartu, SPARK Demo

On stage:
  • Dr. Ali Nadir Arslan received the D.Sc.(Tech.) degree from the Helsinki University of  Technology, Espoo, Finland, in 2006. He worked in Nokia Corporation between 1999 and 2009 holding principal scientist title. He is currently a Senior Scientist at the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) and has been employed since 2009. His research interests are remote sensing methods and applications for cryosphere, microwaves, electromagnetics theory & computational modeling and EMC; Signal & Power Integrity. Dr. Arslan has directed several research projects including European Union and some university collaborations. He has authored over 50 scientific papers and reports and he has 3 patents. Dr. Arslan is the Chairman of COPERNICUS Finnish User Forum and contact person of FMI for Copernicus Relay in Finland.  "Accessing Copernicus data and processing tools"
  • Kadri Bussov is Chief Operating Officer of Estonian Student Satellite Foundation. Prior to her current role, Bussov worked both in law and entertainment and advertisement industry for several years. Kadri has always had passion for space and scientific innovation which lead her to change her career direction completely in 2016.  "The challenges of space hardware development in the Baltics. How to fit into the global market."
  • Kalev Koppel is the CEO at KappaZetta. Responsible for the daily operations of the company. 10+ years of ICT industry experience as project manager, team lead and CEO. Studied geoinformatics at Tartu, Uppsala and Lund universities. “Deep learning for grasslands mowing detection based on Sentine-1/-2 time-series”
  • Rene Tõnnisson works as a member of executive board at IBS and is responsible for coordination and development of international cooperation activities. During recent years he has been holding executive positions also in Tartu Science Park, Tartu Biotechnology Park, Baltic Innovation Agency and Connect Estonia. He is also currently member of European Cluster Policy Group (ECPG) and External Advisory Group (EAG) Regional Aspects for FP7. “Horizon2020 program funding opportunities for IT projects."
  • Sven Lilla is ESA BIC Estonia site manager in Tartu and manages everyday activities in BIC. Before joining the BIC he was the business manager at University of Tartu. He was responsible for technology transfer and helping companies to connect with the academia. „How ESA BIC Estonia can help you get your business ideas off the ground“

And of course there will be snacks, drinks & networking :) 
The event is free and in English. Registration is mandatory, though: HERE

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