MobileMonday: "Internet of Things - WTF!?"

It’s time for Mobile Monday again folks! We will kick off the late start to this year’s MoMo programme with the increasingly relevant (OR maybe not?) topic of the mysterious ‘Internet of Things’.

IoT as a buzzword, despite having been around for a little while now, is finally gaining the momentum it deserves. To kill the gossip and bring some clarity to its muddy waters we will talk about what IoT is, what it means to work in it, and how to be good at it.

Since the Mobile World Congress the topic of IoT seems to be on every large operator, car manufacturer and, of course, home security solutions providers’ radar. It is relevant for all of us to know where the ideas and solutions of the future - for connecting the inanimate objects around us come from and are utilised to help us, humans, live better.

We dig into the electronics engineering field and scalability issues encountered with IoT as well as take a peek at how to create an award winning product.

We'll meet up on 13th of April at 18:00 at Ülikooli Kohvik, Tartu. As always, the event will feature speakers from both start-ups and established companies, with a surprise thrown in! So make sure you come by and be one of the first ones to know about the Internet of Things and the future.

As per the established tradition, the event will be held in English and is free to attend (registration is mandatory, though!).

Eventbrite - MobileMonday: Internet of Things - WTF!?

First we'll have an introduction to the field and hear an engineer’s point of view before moving on to talking about award winning products such as the HUUM sauna experience. Afterwards our traditional networking session accompanied with beers shall commence :)


17:45 Gathering and collecting badges.

18:15 Priit Salumaa - Co-founder @ MoMo Estonia & Mooncascade - Opening words
18:20 Asko Seeba - Co-founder @ Mooncascade - "Introduction to the field"
18:40 Indrek Rebane - Co-founder @ Hedgehog - "What does IoT mean for an electronics Engineer"

19:00 Refreshments and networking break.

19:20 Eero Ränik - Co-founder @ Heelosophy - "Scalability issues on M2M communication processing"
19:40 Siim Nellis - Founder @ HUUM - "How to win a Red Dot Award"
20:00 Daniel Dordett - CEO @ AirPatrol - "AirPatrol - heat pump and AC control by mobile phone"

20:20 Networking and drinks! As usual for MobileMonday :)

Venue: Ülikooli Kohvik (University Cafe), II floor Rõdusaal. Ülikooli 20, Tartu. Event is held in English

Supporters:  Department of Business Development at Tartu City CouncilMooncascadeFortumoMessenteMobi Lab.
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