Thank you for a great Mobile Monday event!

Hi all! Thank you so much for coming last night - it was a thoroughly interesting evening, what with the IoT of things from ladies shoes to A/C monitors and saunas! Internet of Things really is here and I hope we all know a wee bit more about it now! The event got great feedback - thanks guys!

Please find below the slides of the talks also: Priit Salumaa delivered the intro after which Asko Seeba from Mooncascade gave an introduction to the buzzword of IoT

and then Indrek Rebane delivered a very entertaining performance on what IoT means to an electronic engineer, complete with dead birds and snow capped IoT devices behind trees

this in turn was followed by Eero Ränik's speech on scalability


and then Siim Nellis from HUUM took the stage to talk about clever saunas


...and the event was wound together by Daniel Dordett, who spoke about his company Air Patrol. 

Great thanks to our supporters!  Department of Business Development at Tartu City GovernmentMooncascadeFortumoMessenteMobi Lab.
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