Thank you for a great Mobile Monday event!

Hi all, thank you for coming to yesterday's Mobile Monday event at Antoniuse Õu! We hope it was fun and you made at least one (as instructed by Priit) contact with someone you had neveer spoken to before. Firstly, Priit Salumaa gave his usual welcome speech and an introduction to the evening: After this, Karen from Mooncascade spoke briefly about the history of wearables, but deu to technical issues the much anticipated video did not work! The link is ion the slideshow, you can watch it yourself and at least - everyone got to see the, arguably the world's first Go Pro - a pigeon with a strap-on: Post opening mayhem, Mr Tõnis Saag, from Sportlyzer, got into the topic of wearable tech for sportsfanatics: And we opened the second half of our event with Karin Täär, a lawyre in everyday life, but triathlete outside of the office realm, who psoke about her personal experiences with sports watches and gave some tips and tricks. We also had Maarja Pehk from Tartu's BuildIt Creative Industries programme giving an overview of what the new programme is about. Hoping to see lots of new crazy wearable tech and art pieces come out of it! We ended our evening with Lukas from At Point Ag, who introduced their new gamification-for-work-solution to reward eployees and co-workers. And we had chocolate (lots of it) and beers (lots of this too) and beautiful finger food from Spargel. Thank you all!
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