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Monday, 17 March 2008

Schedule of the Opening Event and Directions / Avaürituse kava ja asukoht

Location / Koht:
Conference Centre of the Reval Hotel Olümpia, Tallinn /
Reval Hotell Olümpia Konverentsikeskus, Tallinn

Schedule / Ajakava

18:00 Presentations at the Omega Hall, Olümpia Conference Centre /
Ettekanded Konverentsikeskuses

  • Priit Salumaa, Cofounder of Mobile Monday Estonia - Opening Words
  • Jari Tammisto, the CEO of Mobile Monday - Mobile Monday, what is it all about
  • MoMo Estonia Team - Estonia in the Global Mobile Marketplace
  • Peeter Marvet - The World and Our Innovation (Maailm ja meievatsioon)
19:15 Socializing event in the Englishman's Pub at the Olümpia Conference centre /
Sotsialiseerumine hotelli Englishman Pubis

Note / Märkus

The entrance to the event is free. Dispite that, we would be very greteful if you could take some time to register for the event. This would help us plan a better event for you (click for the non-obligatory form here) /
Üritus on tasuta.
Sellegipoolest oleme me väga tänulikud, kui te registreerute üritusele - see aitab meil teie jaoks üritust paremini organiseerida (mittekohustuslik vorm avaneb siit).

Directions / Asukoht

Reval Hotel Olümpia
Liivalaia 33, 10118 Tallinn, Estonia
Directions on hotel's web-page /
Juhised hotelli kodulehel

Map / Kaart

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