Valimo Signs Elisa to Offer Mobile Identification in Finland and Estonia

Valimo, the Finnish mobile identification service provider, has signed agreement with the second largest Finnish mobile operator Elisa.

The agreement allows Elisa’s 2.5 million mobile customers in Finland and another 340 000 in Estonia to use mobile phone as everyday electronic identification method. With Valimo’s solution the customers can login to internet services with a single PIN code, and also digitally sign documents. Thus mobile phone can replace web banking credentials now used extensively for secure identification in the region.
Valimo develops software to secure and perform transactions in both mobile and fixed network environments, offering solutions for digital signing, authentication, and validation. Valimo’s service uses PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) and works on all handsets and devices, which use a SIM card as the user’s secret key is stored on the card. Identification or confirmation request is sent onto the user’s screen, and the user will use his/her own PIN code to verify. The service requires country specific registration of the person’s identity and the SIM card. In Finland the registration is done by the police authorities.
Valimo’s services have been well received , and the company recently announced the the Turkish operator Turkcell’s customers recently exceeding 1,8 million mobile transactions.
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